Between Us

"Layla it wasn't my fault!" Niall lied through his teeth.

"Then whose fault was it, Niall?" I asked him He looked down. I shook my head then walked away. 'I never want to see Niall James Horan again,' I thought to myself as I ran away.

Layla Sapphire Christine lives with her brother, because her parents die and he has always been the father figure. What happend when her brother gets in to the record business and they are forced to move in with some of the most famous pop stars of our generation.


1. Leaving

"Tyson!" I shook my brother awake.

"yeah?" He asked.

"We're here." I said calmly. We had just arrived in London. He unbuckled and grabbed both of our carry on bags. I did not get an ounce of sleep on that plane. There was a crying baby right behind us. I sighed and looked out. It was night time here, but you could see the sun start to rise. I started to get up myself and i shook my legs. I went out of the plain and down the walk way and we got our lugguge. We got a cab and we drove to the company where my brother works at now.

We arrived there and the building was huge. Someone greeted us at the very entrance. "Hi! You must be Tyson and his lovely sister Layla. Its glad to finally meet you both!" The man was way to happy like for my liking. He was jumpy and prancy. I shook his hand and we went inside. "Okay well we have bought you your own house. We will pay all the bills for you and all since you are from America. I was shoked that they would do this for us. What kind of job was he getting? Tyson shook his head and we were shooed out to the back to find a limo. We were ushered into the limo and sent to a large house.

"This is the largest house that I've ever seen!" I said over exited.

"Ehh, i've seen bigger." Tyson said.

"I bet you haven't lived in one bigger though!" He chuckled and nodded.

"I know, but there are going to be some changes around here." I smiled and took out my phone. I went on twitter and nothing special waas on there. I went on my own profile and saw that i had just gained over 200 followers. "Oh yeah, my whole work station is following you." My brother said looking over my shoulder. I nodded my head slowly and shrugged it off. The car got to a stop and we got out. The house was so big!

"Why do we need such a big house?" I asked my brother.

"We aren't the only ones living here Layla." He said to me. Oh... Well i guess a couple of roomates will be cool.

"Don't worry they are around our age." He chuckled. Okay so they are around ninteen to twenty three years old.

"How many are there?" I asked him.

"There are atleast..." He paused for a second to think. He counted on his fingers. "Atleast seven."

"Boys or girls?" I asked him.

"Both but mainly boys."

"Now why do we have to live with them?"

"We are in a rich business. Well a record company to be exact. They want us to stay in this house with some singers."

"Great. Hopefully they are not stuck up." I muttered. Tyson patted my back. Some people in tuxes came out to grab our lugguage. "I guess i could get used to this." I smiled.

"That's the spirit!" Tyson chuckled.

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