Its a Love Story

its cute its dramatic its romantic its a fan fiction (1D fan fic)


3. wake up to white

  All i could see was white. Everywhere white. right then i heard my name.

angel: Carmen...Carmen...

  i turned around to find a person in white with wings. So i have heard of angels being described like that but i didnt think that that description was fully true but this proved me wrong. 

me: Who r u?

*childs laughter*

kid 1: Mommy when is daddy going to be back?

i would suppose this child is 4. The other looks around 8. the 4 yr old is a girl. The 8 yr old is a boy.

the mother: In couple of days.

she reminds me of my mom. In fact she looks alot like my mom. Except she seemed more like me that is when everything went to a blur and went black...

 My eyes felt so heavy i could not open them wat-so-ever. Yet i could feel a blaket under my hand (i couldnt move so i didnt know wat else was around me) and i could hear whispers. After trying hard to go to sleep i gave up when i heard a different voice. It sounded like a british mans voice. 

british man: She should be waking up soon. So she can go home today. Make sure someone keeps a close eye on her ok. Oh and does she have family here?

im guessing that was a doctor so. Doctor+bed with normal blanket=hospital...dear lord...What could have happened to me.

Harry: Umm..actually we dont know where her mum is.

doctor: Well ok and remember is the stitching starts coming out bring her here, ok.

Harry: ok. thank you.

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