Its a Love Story

its cute its dramatic its romantic its a fan fiction (1D fan fic)


4. seeing you


I woke up and everything seemed clearer now i looked around and saw i was in a hospital bed, I also noticed an unfamiliar yet familiar face beside me asleep in a chair was a brown curly headed boy he looked around my age. I gently touched him on the shoulder he then reacted quickly, and opened his beautiful green eyes, wow damn i have never seen any eyes this amazing. He smiled.

curly: Hey. Feeling any better?

me: Ummm...I guess..Who r u again?

 He frowns with concern in his eyes.

curly: Carmen dont you remember me..Im Harry. i was driving you home but then...

 He drifted off in mid sentence so i dont know what he was going to say.

Harry: Listen the doctor said you could go home now so i guess we need to go...

me: But where all i remember is my mom leaving me you.(i looked up at him when i said with you)

 It was a long silent drive home...When i finnally got there i was greeted by a girl dressed as if about to go to an important job interview. She whore a pretty white flowy blouse and tan bootcut jeans. Her was up in a beautiful breaded bun. She had light brown eyes but i could have swore they turned grey for a split second.

girl: Hey! How are you? You must be my new roommate..Carmen is it? My name is Brooke.

me: Hi. good..thanks for asking. Yes i am your new roommate. And yes my name is Carmen. Nice to meet you.

Harry just looked away. I wonder whats up with him.

Brooke: Harry.

Harry: Brooke.

I dont know what is going on but i have a hunch its something bad....

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