Its a Love Story

its cute its dramatic its romantic its a fan fiction (1D fan fic)


2. seeing you in black

  i woke up on the plane right when we were about to land. When i got off the plane and into the airport i turned on my phone. When i did it said my location..."you are now in london, england" what it had read across the top.then a window poped up for a new email. The email read..."are you here?im at the luggage area." IT was from my pin pal he lived here in London so we decided to meet. Yes im meeting a complete stranger. He sent me a picture of what he looks like one time yeah. I move through a crowd to the luggage area. When i get my suitcase i feel a tap on my shoulder, followed by a smooth brit. accent...

 pin pal(Harry):Carmen?

me: umm... You must be Harry..right?

Harry:yea.(he smiled exposing demples ever so cute)

me: do you know where this is? (holding out a piece of paper with an address)

Harry:Yea. I live next door to that place. Looks like you need a ride too.(he said pointing to my mom getting in a cab)

me: well...I guess i do. But i dont have any money for a cab.

Harry: Like i said just moments ago...I live next door to that place. I can give you a ride.

  i had to fumble around on his offer for a minute while i did i relized something...he looked very familiar i mena other then the picture he sent familiar...then it hit me.(in the car) I can finally ask him something without a screaming person coming up.

me: so...can i ask you something?

Harry: you just did didnt you?(he tried not to smile while saying it but it didnt work)but yes you can.

me: i know this is a retarded question but what is ur last name?

His eyes got wide for a minute.

Harry: look please dont scream or anything.

me: dude i relized this at the airport if i was going to scream. i would have done it there

Harry: was it that obvious?

me: well since i knew alot about you and im a directioner and just put two and two together...

 The rest of the ride was silent...I was about to ask him something when everything went black i thought i heard Harry say run but my legs felt paralyzed.Then  couldnt even think.

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