the twist of braking dawn

blurb after bella and edwards wedding jacob comes. what will happen?


4. the wedding

Bella walked down the hall of her cave. This hall led to the wedding cave.She walked down to cave slowly. On the organist was a bat using his vampire powers to control the organ. She had one person next to her. Her vampire best friend. She held her tight walking down the middle.

On each side of the middle were seats. On the ceiling was long points going down. Bella held her breath. She got to the front of the room and there was Edward. He was smiling. There was the vampire priest.

"Now welcome all to this very special wedding. I would like to introduce you to are couple Edward Cullen and Bella Swan" said the priest

Everyone stood up in respect of the couple.They sat down after woulds.

"Now Bella please step forward to have your biting and then the drinking of the blood." said the priest

Bella stepped forward and put her head under a bucket. Then a man came up to Bella. He bit her neck and she fell to the ground. She then got back up

"Now your about to be husband has got you some blood." said the priest

Bella took the bag of blood and ripped it open. She poured the blood down her mouth. She then licked her lips.

"Now she is imortal. Now to the vowels." said the priest

"Edward you are the most charming guy I have met in my whole life. I knew it was love at first sight. I will always love you." said Bella

"Bella you are the love of my life. Your the only one who understands me. Your the first girl who knows what I am going through. I love you and I promise to stay with you for ever." said Edward

"Now do you take each other to be husband and wife. To love each other forever and to keep each other safe." said the priest

"I do" they both said

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now leave the cave." said the priest

They both left the hall flying out of the cave to land. They were in the middle of town. They thought it was happily ever after. Then they walked down to get a taxi and then jacob appeared.


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