the twist of braking dawn

blurb after bella and edwards wedding jacob comes. what will happen?


8. the funeral

When Jacob's body was found the police were called to look at his body. They had decided that the he had died in a shooting acident. They had planned for the funeral to be 2 weeks later. Bella and Edward herd about this from paris and decided they would come back for his funeral.

It was two weeks later when they came back. They flew together all the way from france. They had enjoyed there time there and took lots of pictures of the france. When they came back they acted sad about him. Bella started talking to Edward.

"So Edward do you think I did the right thing. I mean he could come back as a ghost and haunt us." said Bella scared

"Don't worry Bella His heart has gone out of his body. If he does come back as a ghost we can always put him in a jar." said Edward

"So should we go in?" asked Bella 

"Well yes as the funeral starts soon" replyed Edward

They went in the hall and sat at the bench. They listened to the whole funeral. They touched his body before they left. His body felt verry cold and made them shiver.

"Come on lets leave and go to the home we bought." said Bella

They went to the home they bought in the centre of town. They walked of together happy.


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