the twist of braking dawn

blurb after bella and edwards wedding jacob comes. what will happen?


6. the first day of the battle

The battle started at 6:30. Edward got ready to fight in his defence and Jacob in his. The horn went. Edward changed into a bat to attack Jacob. The moon was full and Jacob turned into a wolf.He barked at the moon.

Bella was safe were she was. Edward took her to a tunnel and hid her there. She didn't know what was going to happen. She didn't want to wake up in the morning finding Edward dead and having to mary Jacob. She stood in the cave shivering in fear.

They both thought each other fairly. They would only use one thing to defend them selves. All they had was a carpenters knife. They would try there best to try and get each other but it was no use. They were to tiered to fight anymore. They decided to stop for the day. Edward ran to Bella's cave

"Bella are you ok? Were you hurt?" said Edward

"No I am all right. I have just been here shivering in fear." said Bella

"Well I have a plan for tomorrows attack. Listen closely." 

He talked to Bella about how he had planed to get out of bed when the sun was down to make a weapon that will harm him for a bit and they could leave to go on there honeymoon in paris.

"It sounds like a great idea Edward. What are you going to make this weapon out of." Asked Bella

"I will search for gold in the forest. I will bring a carving knife to carve it into something." said Edward

"Ok Edward I will hide here until you tell me to move." said Bella 

 So that night was going to be the night they thought they go free. More was to come though.


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