the twist of braking dawn

blurb after bella and edwards wedding jacob comes. what will happen?


1. the day before wedding- bella

The ceremony would take place under ground. At all weddings to vampires and non vampires the non vampire was bitten and then given blood to drink. This would turn them to a vampire so they were imortal. Bella was in her room getting ready for her wedding. It wasn't going to be like the wedding she had dreamed of. She had to have it only with vampires and other creatures as no one not even her best friend knew her secret. She would have to leave her house that night. At that moment she was looking at her wedding dress and touched it.

"how did this happen? how am I getting married" mummbled bella so no one in the house could hear her.

She knew how this had happened. They met after he saved her from getting hit by a car. She knew he was a vampire straight away. Then on the night of the eclipse he proposed to her. She had said yes. 

She was going to go to the tunnels to stay for the night. The next day she would be living in a cave. She would be married and have a family soon. She was upset that no one could share her special day. It would be so weird.

That night at 12:00 am bella left her house. She had only a few outfits and her wedding outfit. She tiptoed down the stairs and wheeled her suitcase along to the door. She opened the door and wheeled her suitcase out of the house. There she waited two minutes till her vampire taxi came. When he came she put her suitcase on his arm and she went on his back. 

10 minutes later he flew her to the under ground cave. She went to a bed of rock so she could sleep. Tomorrow would be the best day of her life.

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