the twist of braking dawn

blurb after bella and edwards wedding jacob comes. what will happen?


2. the day before the wedding- edward

Edward was in his cave.He was looking forward to the next day. Tomorrow was his wedding day. The best day of his life. He would get married to bella the love of his life. They had met each other when she nearly got hit by a car. He found out she was a human and she knew he was a vampire. On the night of an eclipse he proposed to her and she said yes.

The wedding would be at a cave. This was no ordinary cave. It was the head of the vampire councils cave. There he would bite bella and she would become imortal. They were going to live in a cave along way from the village.

Before the wedding, he would have to leave. This was to go to the vampire council. He had to go to the council before the wedding. They would discuss about who would bite bella. Before he did that he would have to get someones blood.

At midnight he left his house only with a bag of blood. He would have to sort out the next day. He flew away to a cave. tomorrow would be the best day of his life.


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