the twist of braking dawn

blurb after bella and edwards wedding jacob comes. what will happen?


7. the 2nd and last day of the battle

Edward got up really early at 1:00 am. He went deep into the forest searching for gold. He spent 1 hour walking to the other end of the forest. He went to a cave to search for gold.

"Were would I find some gold in this cave. I know at the back of the cave." said Edward He slowly walked to the back of the cave. He searched high and low till he finally he found a section of gold. He got out a carving knife from his pocket and he chipped a tiny bit. He used his carving knife again to make this into a dagger. He ran out of the cave very quickly and he ran back to the hole he made for Bella to stay until the fight was over. He got into the hole and jumped in just before the sun came up. He woke up Bella.

"Have you got the gold edward." said Bella 

"Yes I have carved into a dagger so I can use it to make it put him into a short sleep for about 2 hours." said Edward

"Ok." said Edward

At 5:30 when the sun was down the battle started again. Edward flew out of the hole and took his dagger with him. He went over to were Jacob was and put the dagger on him. Sadly he noticed about it and he ran towards Edward.

Bella had been waiting ages for Edward to tell her to come. She looked to the side of her and saw something. It was a gun loaded with a silver bullet. She went to the gun and put in her hand. She climbed out of the cave and took the gun with her. She took and ran near Jacob and she pulled the gun. The bullet landed on Jacob. He was dead and Bella had killed him. She flew away with Edward so they wouldn't get caught. The fight had ended for good.



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