the twist of braking dawn

blurb after bella and edwards wedding jacob comes. what will happen?


3. before the wedding

The next day was the day they had all been waiting for. There wedding day. They would meet each other at the wedding hall at 16:00.

Bella was at her own cave getting fitted into her wedding dress. Her dress was a white long dress with long lines.

"Today is going to be the best day of my life. I will get married to edward" bella said

There was one thing she didn't want to spoil her wedding.Her best friend Jacob. He and Edward hated each other because Jacob was a werewolf. In every important event of there lives he was there to ruin it. She just wanted the fight to be over.Edward gave her a gun with a silver bullet in it. This was incase anything went wrong at the wedding. She knew that if she shot jacob with it he would die. She just wanted this to be the happiest day of his life. The day were she and Edward could be together till the end of time.

She had got on her wedding dress and started to walk down the cave. She mumbled something that no one could work out. She sat down waiting 4 hours before the wedding.

Edward was sitting down at his chair of the council in the early morning hours. He span round in his chair having a meeting. He was talking to the vampire council all about bella. Before they could marry that day, he would have to prove to the council that bella should become one of them. He never knew that until a few weeks ago when he booked the wedding. He told bella about it and they planned to tell the council about her. He had to follow the tradition of all vampires.

two hours later he was in the meeting about bella. He talked to them about bella and how she would make a great vampire. They argued to each other about there side of the story.In the end they agreed that she could be bitten and they agreed the wedding could go on. Straight away he called bella. They would live happy ever after.


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