Love me like you do

read and find out, darrrling


2. chapterrr two

After I finished showering, I changed into a light grey baggy sweater and comfortable trackies that Tia had chosen for me at the mall and tied my hair up in a loose pony tail. Thinking of Tia made me want to cry, but now wasn't the time for sulking. I had to look my best for the twins! Moments later, the doorbell rang and mum had opened the door for the boys. I ran towards them and greeted each of them warmly. "Mmm! The smell of carbonara is good," both Luke and Jai said. I introduced the Luke, Jai and James to my mum and she was more than happy to meet them. We finished dinner and cleaned up everything. "Hey, want to talk about Gordo the fag now?" Skip smirked. "Yes PLEASE." I dragged him into my bedroom and put on "Mean girls" for the others to watch. I sat down on my bed while Skip wandered around my room touching everything. "So, what exactly happened? I couldn't really hear you on the phone because of the boys." I rolled my eyes and hit him on the arm. "After all that explaining? You didn't hear a single word I said? Eurgh you really are stupid sometimes." After 10 minutes of explaining, he finally understood the whole story. He ran his hand through his bushy hair and said, "Why are girls like that? I mean, seriously. A secret's a secret. Why do friends have to turn against each other like that? You might as well give up on Gordon now. It's not like he will turn back and say, "Aw. She liked other dudes behind my back and I dumped her but I'm gonna go get her back now." If you want me to help you hook up with Jai or Luke I'll try I guess… since you helped me get with Mia last time." I groaned and frowned at him. "Life is so messed up now. At least I still have you; you're the only person I can trust now. Please don't turn around and stab me in the back! And OMG. HELL YES. PLEASE HOOK ME UP WITH ONE OF THEM. YOU KNOW HOW LONG I'VE LIKED THEM FOR! PLEASE." Skip cracked up, winked and replied, "HAH! Don't worry I'll try my hardest! And I promise I won't backstab you. You're my best friend. Why would I do that? We should get back to the boys…Don't want them to get the wrong idea of us." I hugged him thankfully, knowing that somebody had my back and we left my room to the "cinema room". "Geez guys. You're finally back. What were you doing in there? Something you need to tell us about? Are you guys going out? Ooo! Skippy's got a girlfriend." All of them teased him as he turned red with embarrassment. "Come on guys. She's my best friend. Best friends don't go out. She just needed to talk to me about something. Now let's start the movie already, it's getting late." Skip shoved me right next to Jai and he sat on the other side of me. I looked at him with a worried face but he mouthed to me, "You'll be fine!" Since I had the original copy, there were still ads at the beginning so to make it less awkward, I tried to talk to Jai. He looked even better close up. "Hey Jai. Heard you really like this movie?" My heart was somersaulting as he turned his head towards me and I could feel a goofy smile transform on my face. "Hey Natalie," He smiled. He had the most gorgeous smile in the world and his eyes were gleaming, even in the dark! "Yeh. Beau really likes this movie too, sadly he's still working at the sandwich shop." Beau? He sounded familiar but I wasn't sure who he was. "Who's Beau?" I asked in confusion. "My older brother. He's two years older than Luke and I." "Nice!" I said, trying to sound interested. During the whole movie, I was secretly peeking out at Jai in the corner of my eye instead of actually watching. He was so…perfect. He's laugh made my heart skip a beat, so did his smile. "Wooooo! That was a great movie." James yelled. Oh right. The movie was over and I was still looking at how perfect Jai was. He turned his heads towards me again and said, "Hey are you alright?" I shook my head and answered, "Yeh I'm fine." Mum walked into the room, "Kids. It's bedtime. It's already 12am. Get to sleep, don't forget you have school tomorrow! Good night." I lent them all some spare blankets that mum had kept in the closet since forever and a few puffy pillows too. It felt a little awkward sleeping between 4 boys but I was still lying next to Skip and Jai so I guess it was all good. At 3am, everybody seemed to be asleep. I could hear Luke and James breathing quietly while Skip was technically snoring like a pig. I turned towards Jai and saw him tossing and turning in his sheets. "Hey," I whispered, "You alright there?" Surprisingly, he snuggled closer to me and replied, "I'm fine, just can't sleep. It's too hot and Skip is snoring like a fat pig." We both laughed and kept talking. Why was he snuggling closer to me if he was feeling hot? It felt good to be so close to him though. We had nothing really to talk about so we started a game of truth or dare. We talked about our personal problems and ex's as well as stuff that we both really liked. We talked for so long that it felt as if I'd known him since forever! "So, I have my phone with me now…Can I have your number?" He whispered. I almost squealed and instantly grabbed his phone. Oh no, wait I couldn't look to desperate so I joked, "Ew. No!" He's face immediately saddened. "I'm just joking, you take things too seriously, gosh! You're so cute." I added my number to his contacts, and added a heart next to my name. Taking his phone back and looking at his screen, he laughed at the love heart I added. "I'll call you sometime soon. You know what? We should hang out soon. You're pretty cool AND I guess you're hot too." I felt as if my eyeballs were about to pop out. I didn't realise that he had his iPhone light shining towards me and could see my reaction. He laughed so hard and when I realised, filled with embarrassment I hid underneath my blankets. When I eventually popped my head up from under the blankets, he was still looking at me but with a serious face this time. "Natalie," he paused, "will you be my girlfriend?"

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