Love me like you do

read and find out, darrrling


1. chapterrr one

It was summer in Melbourne, Australia and it was a perfectly sunny weekend. I was more than excited to get things going perfectly with Gordon, the perfect boyfriend who I had been dating for at least a year and a half. Gordon asked me to go to St. Kilda beach together to talk about something really important. I quickly packed my polka-dot bikinis and short shorts into my Sportsgirl sling-bag, thinking that I was late for our date. As I left my bedroom, my mum walked out and said "Honey, where are you going? Oh yes. I forgot! You're going out with Gordon yes? Have fun and don't come home too late." As I left the door, she gave me a big kiss on the cheek.

Gordon was already waiting outside in his car with his mum sitting at the front of their brand new silver Mercedes Benz. I put on a sweet smile and jogged towards the car. I hopped in and greeted Mrs Samuels with a warm hello. The car ride was pretty awkward and when we finally arrived at the beach, Mrs Samuels said, "Have fun kids. Don't hurt yourselves!" Gordon rolled his eyes at his mum and started walking towards the water. I suddenly saw somebody who looked quite familiar from a distance but I wasn't sure who it was. As they became closer, I realised it was Skip, Luke, Jai and James. "Hey there ***!" He shouted in his crazy, yet cute voice. I chuckled, forgetting Gordon was standing right beside me. Gordon nudged me lightly and frowned at me. "Oh crap." I murmured to myself. Anyway, Skip had been one of my best friends ever since kinder-garten. We were so close and we lived a street away from each other so it was easy to meet up and go to places together too. Skip interrupted and laughed, "Want to hang out for a while Nat? [Grabs Jai by the hair] This douchebag wants your number!" Secretly, I was sort of happy because ever since grade 3 I had had a crush on both Luke and Jai but that was a secret that nobody knew about except for my best friend, Tia. I never told the twins about my massive crush on them because they were so popular at school and they'd never date a girl like me. Since Gordon was still there, I said "Nah, I'm here to hang with Gordon." I smiled at Gordon, but realised he wasn't even looking at me. "Anyways, I better get going. Cya!" I dragged Gordon along with me and walked towards the wooden chairs. "It's beautiful, isn't it? I've always wanted to come here with somebody special." I giggled and kept talking. After a while, I realised that he wasn't even listening to me. He's face was pale and he looked sad, not just sad but DEPRESSED. "What's wrong?" I looked at him and slowly grabbed his hands. They were icy cold. "Tell me babe." He looked away and pushed my hands away from him. "It's over. We're over. I don't have to explain nothing. I think you know what you've done wrong." He walked away from me. My face was burning; I could feel the heat rising within me. The only thing that came to my mind was… Did Tia tell Gordon that I had a crush on the twins? No. She was my best friend. She would never do that! I ran after Gordon and screamed, "Please, just please tell me what I did?" He turned around with a disgusted face and answered, "Why don't you go cry about it to Luke and Jai? Since you like THEM so much?" I stood there, speechless.

"How could you do this to me Tia? Why? I thought you were my best friend. I trusted you with that secret that I'd never told anybody else in my life and you just blew it off. Thanks. Go die in a hole ***." Before she got the chance to say anything, I hung up and threw myself at my bed, crying and sobbing hard into my pillow. I felt so alone. There was nobody in the world that I could trust with secrets like that; the only choice I had left was to call Skip who was still chilling at the beach. Meh, worth a try. I dialled his number and hoped that he would pick up. "Hey Nat. What's up?" I could hear the other boys still in the background, screaming "Get in there Skip!" I couldn't help but start sobbing into the phone. He must've thought I was retarded or something. "Er…Nat are you aight there? Come on, stop crying. Tell me what's wrong." After 2 minutes or so, I finally wiped away my tears and started telling him about everything. "WHAT? YOU LIKE THEM? HAHAHA! THAT'S ACTUALLY THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD!" "Shut up!" I screamed in frustration. Again, in the background I could hear Luke, Jai and James trying to find out what I was talking about. "Well I'm sorry about Gordon. Tia really shouldn't have betrayed you like that… Want me to come round tonight at 6 with the boys, if you don't mind?" "Yeah, sure. You can get them to sleepover if it's more convenient for them."

A few minutes later, Skip called back saying that the boys were more than happy to sleepover and meet my mum. Mum didn't really mind if boys slept over because Dad left us when I was born and she was a kind-hearted and easy-going person. She let me do almost anything I wanted!

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