Love me like you do

read and find out, darrrling


4. chapterrr four

What? What on earth was she talking about? What was everybody talking about? I did NOT do it with Jai. I was just sleeping beside him. Eurgh, seriously…society these days. "What are you talking about? I didn't do anything! I'm just… going out with him," I said shyly. "Oh don't play dumb with me Nat. Everybody knows that you did!" I snatched her phone away from her hands and looked at the photo. I was so surprised. It looked so WRONG. I called Skip using Tia's phone. "OMG you dickhead! When'd you take that photo? It looks like I actually DID it with him. How did you even get him in that position? How did you get ME in that position? Why do we look awake? I hate you!" "Love you too!" he screamed back in a mockingly girl voice, laughing. I hung up on him and as the bell went, Tia and I rushed to class.

Half way during the lesson, I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and took it out secretly, hoping Ms B. wouldn't see. The text was from Jai saying, "Hey baby, Luke and I are wagging class for the rest of the day. Wanna bring a friend along? Meet me outside the gates. Love u x" I tried to not to smile in case I looked like a complete idiot and also JUST in case Ms B. saw me. Tia, who was sitting right beside me saw the text too and whispered loudly, "Bring me! You know how much I like Luke!" I gladly texted back, "Hey. I'd love to! Will we get in trouble? I'm bringing Tia with me! Bye 3" Tia and I high-fived each other quietly and couldn't wait to meet up with them. 30 minutes passed by, it felt like 30 hours… Finally. Class was over. We ran excitedly to our lockers, put our stuff away and grabbed our backpacks and ran. The twins were already waiting outside, leaning against the metal fence. "God, Luke looks so attractive. Is it even possible for someone to even look that hot?" Tia squealed and winked at me. "Calm your tits bro. Don't blow your chance with Luke by acting like a complete idiot. Just chill and act casual." I said, rolling my eyes at her while biting my lip. "Hey guys!" I said enthusiastically, running to give Luke a hug and greeting Jai with a smooch on the lips. "This is one of my closest friends, Tia. She's gorgeous isn't she?" I said, winking at Luke who was blushing and smiling timidly. Tia nudged me in the ribs and stared at me with embarrassment. "Ow! Okay, so where do you guys plan to go? We'll follow you guys." Jai held my hand and pulled me along with him, leaving Luke and Tia together. "See ya laters, have fun!" he yelled back.

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