1D Imagines

This is my first movella so no hate please! If you want a imagine just leave your name and favorite 1D band member and what you look like describe yourself and maybe the place you want. *Warning there might be some curse word so please list in your comment if you dont want any*

Thanks guys for all the love and support much love,

Signed Your Head Master Penguin, Katy


9. Taylor and Louis


Imagine Louis took you for the Ed Sheeran’s concert. You had spent some great time watching all the arrangements on the backstage and when Ed started performing, you and Lou went down the stairs, watching the concert in the first row. Of course, many fans recognized you and asked for photos or fangirled how cute you look together. All the time, Louis was holding you close to him. Wrapping your hand around your waist, pulling you to him, grasping your palm with his, intertwining your fingers, softly kissing you on a cheek and leaving love bites on your neck. He simply couldn’t get his hands off of you. During the break from one song to another, one girl, probably also a 1D fan, who was standing next to you and Louis, whispered to your ear: “You are so lucky. Louis is so sweet and caring. Does he ever stop kissing you?” Louis was embracing you from behind, his hands wrapped tightly on your waist so there was no space between your back and his chest, his chin rested on your shoulder. He heard what this girl said and smirked against your skin. The three of you chuckled and he winked to the fan: “Yeah, babe, sometimes I do…when I’m sleeping.” Ed came back on the stage and wanted to make a small speech before the next song. “I want to dedicate this song to these two fools standing down there, who are crazy about each other and are the pure definition of this song…and probably the definition of the true love. Enjoy.” he said and you turned your head back to Louis. “You knew…” you murmured to him. “Mmhmm…I love you, baby.” he mumbled and crashed his lips to yours. For the whole song, Louis was singing the lyrics to your ear, cherishing your soul with his voice and the words, that were coming from his heart.

“And hold me in your arms….And your heart’s against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck….Kiss me like you wanna be loved….We’re falling in love”



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