1D Imagines

This is my first movella so no hate please! If you want a imagine just leave your name and favorite 1D band member and what you look like describe yourself and maybe the place you want. *Warning there might be some curse word so please list in your comment if you dont want any*

Thanks guys for all the love and support much love,

Signed Your Head Master Penguin, Katy


4. Olivia and Niall

It's Olivia's birthday today so Niall is taking her to the Thanksgiving Carnival. Niall knocks on her door her mom answers. (you still sleeping) "Hey can i take Olivia to the carnival?" "Yeah she's alsleep i'll go get her." "Can i?" "Sure?" Niall bursts into the house and opens your door carefully and then screams "GET UP THE POLICE ARE ON THERE WAY!" you jump up he starts crying of how much he is laughing you say "Niall it isnt funny." he's laughing too much he can't talk he finally calms down and he asks me if i wanted to go to the carnival with him i said "Of course!" he knows how much i love that kind of stuff so i told him "I'll be ready in 15 minutes!" "Okay i'll be down stairs!" "Okay!" we always liked to yell we found it fun don't ask me why (15 minutes later) im all dressed in a crop top shorts and some Hello Kitty suspenders he says "Shall we go?" and gives me his arm we linked arms (although we weren't dating but i have a huge crush on him but i dont know if he likes me guys are so hard to understand!!) we walked to the carnival it's not very far i live really close to it. As soon as we got there we started playing games it was a blast! I beat him a lot. He tried to win me a big stuffed bear because it was my birthday. he keept failing so in the end he just ended up buying the bear when i went to the bathroom. When he gave me the bear he took me behind a tent and said. "Olivia i like really like you." i had the biggest eyes my eyes popped. "I like you too." right after that we kissed then he took my hand. Then we walked home. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! 




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