1D Imagines

This is my first movella so no hate please! If you want a imagine just leave your name and favorite 1D band member and what you look like describe yourself and maybe the place you want. *Warning there might be some curse word so please list in your comment if you dont want any*

Thanks guys for all the love and support much love,

Signed Your Head Master Penguin, Katy


8. Hannah and Niall

You walked into yours and Niall’s house. Complete silence. After a few seconds you heard a piano. Which was weird, you didn’t had a piano. You slowly walked upstairs, and heard a voice singing. “We’re being pulled, a hundred different directions, but whatever happens, I know I’ve got you...Yeah, this sounds good.” you heard Niall say. You walked a little closer to the door, curious. “You’re on my mind, you’re in my heart, it doesn’t matter where we are. We’ll be alright, even if we’re miles apart.” he sang again. You smiled widely and walked downstairs, leaving your boyfriend in his own little world. You quietly walked to the door and opened it. You closed it hard and yelled “Niall, I’m home! Where are you?” You heard shuffling upstairs and finally you saw your boyfriend. “Hi, Hannah! I was in the room doing… Stuff.” he said, walking down the stairs. He walked to you and hugged you tightly. “I missed you today, Hannah.” he said. “I only left for 5 hours.”  you answered, chuckling. “That’s enough for me to miss you” he said, pulling back and kissing you. “Niall, what’s wrong?” you asked,confused. He shrugged and grabbed your hand. “Nothing. Come with me, Hannah. I got you something.” he said, pulling you up the stairs. You smiled, you knew what was coming. You got into your bedroom and saw a little piano there. “You don’t play the piano.” you said. “I leanerd a few things for this.” Harry answered, smiling. Then he sat in front of the piano and you sat on the bed. He took a beep breath and started to play. The he sang. He sang the words you heard him singing 10 minutes ago. He finished and your eyes were almost in tears. “You wrote that?” you asked. He blushed and nodded. “Yeah, I tried.” You got up and hugged him. “It was the most beautiful thing someone has ever done for me. Thank you. I love you Niall.” you said, still hugging him. He hugged you back tightly. “I love you more, Hannah.”


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