Black Morning

Don't you ever get the feeling someone is looking at you? Well, i did i looked around once more and saw.........
Something that changed our lives forever.


1. On my way to the bus stop.

i started walking toward the bus stop. I was a very dark morning. The wind was blowing my though my hair. Making it blow aroung crazily. I put my headphones in my ears and started playing Rihanna (its okay if you dnt like rihanna). I looked around to make sure no one was around, I hate walking alongside a stranger. "come rude boy, boy can you get it on" I sang. Dont you ever get this tingly feeling that someone or something is looking at you? Well i did, i looked around ance more and saw a dark figure entering the little path way, toward the cementary. I stoped, What the hell? I saw him walk into the cementart's darkness, I walked a little more, and then I couldnt see him. Looking down I realized I was on the middle of the street.Whoopsi. Backing away slowly, the dark cloaked figure once more appeared in the shadows. I slowly started walking away from the cementary and thats when I heard it.

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