A New Kind of Love

Rated R. Anna is visiting the city of London where she bumps into, none other than, Harry Styles. It seems fun at first, but as she is moved into the spotlight of fame, it seems to be too much. Fists are thrown. Words are said. Was it really a good idea to go to London?

This story contains graphic sexual content.


3. The Other Boys

I woke up to the sound of hushed voices in my room. Harry was no longer next to me, so I got up and walked towards the noise. 

"I know. I know. But I don't want her to get hurt. I want her to move in with me. Or at least stay there for a few weeks or something." that was Harry.

"What if she gets scared or something and leaves you." Paul.

My fists clenched but he continued on,"You don't want to move her into the eye of the paparazzi too soon."

They were both silent until Harry spoke up again,"Look I think I like this girl. I don't know," he paused."But I don't care what you say. I'm taking her to my flat today. Now leave." He shut the door and started to walk back towards the couch. I scrambled back towards it and shut my eyes. He put his arm behind me and pulled a blanket around us. I groaned a bit and then slowly opened my eyes. 

He looked at me and said,"Good morning, lazy."

"What time is it?" I asked.

"It's like 11:30 or something. I don't know," he closed his eyes. "I have a surprise for you today."

"What is it?" I asked, though I already knew.

"I just wanna take you somewhere. Don't worry about it," he said.

We both fell back to sleep and woke up two hours later.

"Anna. Anna, get up."

I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was standing over me and smiling. He bent down and kissed my forehead. 

"You look cute when you sleep," he said.

"Shut up," I said, pushing him away and getting up. I stretched and went to the bathroom.

"Hurry up and change so we can go see the place!" he called to me.

"Hold on! Let me get some clothes," I said, walking out of the bathroom and to my bed. I grabbed some clothes, changed, and we left.

"Hey, you hungry?" he asked.

"Uh yeah a bit," I said. My stomach growled and we both laughed.

"Let's go to McDonald's," he said.

I couldn't hold back a laugh. 

He looked over at me and knit his eyebrows. "What's so funny?"

I was still laughing. "It's just that you're Harry Styles. I mean you could buy the whole world, and you want to go to McDonald's." I continued to laugh.

"I don't see what's so funny, but do you want it or not?" he stared ahead.

"I guess," I said.

We got some food and the drive-through lady was so shocked, she didn't say anything.

I laughed again until my stomach hurt.

"So where are we going?" I asked after a while.

"We're close, don't worry," he said, smiling at me. 

I smiled back and looked out the window, listening to the radio.

We pulled up to a flat. No. A mansion would be more likely to explain it. The place was huge. And, okay, it wasn't exactly a mansion, but it was huge. It was completely white and was pretty and, oh my God why couldn't I be rich and famous and have a place like this?!

He took my hand and led me inside. The inside was white, with hard wood floors and furniture and art everywhere. He took me to the kitchen which was, of course, white. It had a glass table with two glass chairs around it. Kitchen appliances were on the counters. The refrigerator was huge and he grabbed a bottle of water out of it and threw it to me.

"Better than that hotel room, ain't it?" he was smirking.

I took the cap off the bottle and took a swig. "Yeah," I said, breathless.

He laughed and took my hand again. He took me around a tour of the place and then finished at his bedroom, of course. I couldn't help but laugh a little. Harry led me inside and we sat on the bed. He was still holding my hand and pulled me closer to him. He put his forehead against mine and held my neck. My hands grabbed his shirt and I pulled myself closer to him. He kissed me and pulled me on top of him. He pulled my shirt off and began kissing my neck. We separated and he took off his shirt. My hands were on his bare chest and we continued to kiss. He rolled so he was on top of me and pinned my arms above my head. He smiled and unhooked my bra. He threw it off the bed and began kissing my breasts. I moaned slightly. I worked my way down his body and undid his pants. He then pulled them off and kissed me again. I undid my pants and pulled them off. He kissed my breasts again and began kissing the rest of my body. He pulled my underwear off and did the same for himself. He flipped on his back and pulled me on him so I was sitting. I made it so I was comfortable and he began moving me up and down. I moaned as he began to move faster and harder. My hands were on his chest and he looked into my eyes and smiled. I leaned down to kiss him and he brought me even closer to him, grabbing a fistful of my hair. My forehead was against his. I pulled myself off him and he rolled so he was on top of me. He thrust into me and moaned a little.

We continued for an hour until I came and we pulled on some of our clothes. I put my underwear and my cream pullover on and he put his briefs on and pulled a pair of sweatpants out of his drawer. We walked downstairs and I clung on to one of his arms. We walked to the kitchen and he made me some toast and we walked to the living room. I dropped my food when I walked in realizing there were people in there. 

My plate clattered to the floor and Harry ran up to me. 

"Are you okay? Oh, shit," he said.

"Harry, who are these people?" I said my voice shaking.

They were staring at me now. There was a blonde, one with black hair, one who's head was shaved, and one sitting with a really pretty girl.

"Well hey!" the blonde said.

I just stared at him. He had an Irish accent. 

The one with black hair looked at me and said,"We didn't want to disturb you two so we just came to the living room."

My face went red and I turned towards Harry. "They heard us?!" I said in a hushed voice.

He let out a nervous laugh.

"We didn't know you two were here until we, uh, heard you," the girl said.

I felt my face get really hot. 

She spoke up again. "Hi, I'm Eleanor."

I didn't say anything so Harry spoke up for me. "This is Anna. Anna, this is Louis," he pointed to the one sitting with the girl. "Zayn," he pointed to the one with black hair,"Niall," the blonde one,"And Liam," the one with the shaved head. 

Nervously, I replied,"Hey."

I looked down and realized I still wasn't wearing any pants. I felt my face get red again and I ran upstairs to the bedroom. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and Harry walked in. 

I looked up at him. He walked over to me. 

"Sorry 'bout that," he said, rubbing my back.

"I've never been more embarrassed in my life," I said, looking at the floor.

"Embarrassed about what?"

"They heard us having sex and then I walk down there with no pants on. I qualify that as embarrassing," I said.

He laughed. "Yeah? Well I once ran butt-naked into a girl at a hotel."

We laughed and he hugged me. "Look, it's fine. These guys don't judge you. And, they said you were cute."

I blushed and looked up at him. He smiled and kissed me. 

"Now come on, let's go back down there."

I nodded and he started to lead me to the door.

"Wait," I said.


"Uh, I kinda sorta need pants and I don't feel like putting jeans back on," I looked at him.

He walked back over to the drawer and grabbed a pair of sweatpants and threw them at me. I slipped them on and we walked back downstairs. 

The boys were all smiling and talking about whatever. Harry took me to one of the couches and we sat down. We were sitting next to the black-haired one. Zayn, I think? 

One of them spoke up. I remembered Niall,"We were thinking of going to the pub in a few," he said. "You guys in?" He looked at Harry and me.

"Oh. I. Uh. I don't kn-"

"Sure," Harry said for me. 

Niall smiled and said,"Great! Do you need to change or anything?"

I nodded and got up. Harry stood up as well. We went up to his room to change.

I pulled my jeans back on and Harry put on a grey shirt and some black jeans. He pulled on a pair of old trainers, and we went back downstairs. 

"Alright, let's go get drunk bitches!" Niall exclaimed.

We all laughed and walked out the door.

Zayn and Niall came with Harry and me. Liam, Louis, and Eleanor took Louis car and we drove to the nearest pub. 

Zayn and Niall were really funny and we continued to talk in the pub. Liam, Eleanor, and Louis came in shortly after we arrived and sat in our booth. Harry, Zayn, Niall, and I sat on one side and Liam, Louis, and Eleanor sat on the other side. Harry held my hand and rubbed his thumb against the back of it. We all joked and laughed and had a really good time. 

By the time we were leaving, we were all piss drunk except for Liam and Eleanor. Eleanor drove Louis and Zayn back and the rest of us piled into Harry's car. Liam drove us back to the flat and we went inside. Niall passed out immediately on the couch. Zayn was on the floor. Louis and Eleanor had gone upstairs and Liam followed. Harry took my hand and we stumbled up the stairs. We entered Harry's room and fell on to the bed. We didn't even bother taking off our clothes. We just snuggled up under the sheets and fell asleep. I smiled, knowing this was a great night again.

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