A New Kind of Love

Rated R. Anna is visiting the city of London where she bumps into, none other than, Harry Styles. It seems fun at first, but as she is moved into the spotlight of fame, it seems to be too much. Fists are thrown. Words are said. Was it really a good idea to go to London?

This story contains graphic sexual content.


10. Just Our Little Secret

The front door opened and closed again. I was watching a film on the telly, but when I heard Liam walk in I immediately jumped up and ran to him. He had a brown bag in his hand and was chewing his lower lip nervously. 

"Here," he shoved the bag into my hands and walked to the kitchen.

I looked in the bag. There were three different pregnancy tests just to be absolutely sure.

"Anna!" I heard Harry call from upstairs.

I looked towards the stairs and then back at the bag. "Yeah?" I called back.

"Come up here for a minute!" he yelled.

I looked at the bag again and then walked up the stairs. I hid the bag in one of the plants near the top of the stairs and entered Harry's room. He had a towel wrapped around his waist and was humming the tune to "This Is The Life" by Two Door Cinema Club. When he heard me enter, he turned around. 

"Why didn't you come shower with me?" he pouted and raised his eyebrows, his big, green eyes sparkling.

I laughed and said,"I got caught up watching 500 days of Summer."

It wasn't a complete lie, but I felt bad anyway.

"Oh, okay." he smiled and opened one of his dresser drawers. "I have something for you, by the way."

Curious, I tried peeking into the drawer. He pulled a box out and held it behind his back.

"Close your eyes," he ordered, gently.

I hesitated before shutting my eyes.

I heard him come up behind me and slip something around my neck.

"Open them," he said.

I looked in the mirror and saw he'd put a necklace on me. I gasped and nearly collapsed. It was perfect. It was a gold anchor that hung on a white gold chain.

"Harry..." I looked up at him.

He was smiling his big, goofy smile.

I threw my arms around his neck and held on tight. 

He whispered in my ear,"Do you like it?"

I could feel him smirk and I laughed to myself.

I pulled back and gazed at him. His eyes were so beautiful I could melt.

I bit my lip and said,"I have a surprise for you too. Wait here."

I stepped passed him and ran into the hall, grabbing the paper bag from behind the plant and running into the bathroom.

I peed on all three of the sticks at once and waited.

It seemed to take forever but eventually the results showed up. I grabbed all three and walked into Harry's room. He was lying on his bed now, stretched out.

I walked over to him and he sat up. I put the pregnancy sticks next to him and watched as his eyes traveled from me to the tests. He picked each one of them up and just stared.

When he finally stopped gawking, he looked back at me. He grabbed the back of my thighs and pulled me closer. He placed his hands on my hips and began kissing my belly. It tickled and I laughed.

"C'mon. Harry stop," I giggled and pushed away from him.

"How long ago did you find out?" he started, his eyes watching my stomach now.

"Well I missed my period like two weeks ago so like two weeks ago," I shrugged.

There was a knock on the door and Liam stepped in.

"Hey," he said simply.

"Hey Liam!" Harry said, excitedly. "Anna's pregnant!"

Liam laughed and I laughed with him.

"Yeah I already knew mate," he said.

Harry furrowed his brow and looked at me. "You told him before me?"

I heard the hurt in his voice, and felt bad again.

"She told me like an hour ago, Harry. So I went and got her the pregnancy tests to be one hundred percent sure she was," Liam filled in for me.

I sighed with relief, mentally thanking him.

Harry shrugged and went back to looking at me. "I can't believe you're pregnant!" his voice cracked on the final word and I couldn't help but laugh.

"I know, but guys," I looked at both of them. "This is just our little secret for now, okay?"

They both nodded and I relaxed. 

Now how was I going to tell my dad that his little princess was pregnant?

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