Twilight re-creation

This is a story I thought of making about Twilight. It still has all the characters and kinda same plot but different. Please read!


2. Renesmee

when I woke up Edward was here in different clothes. "You left?" I asked. "I had to Bella." He said. "Now what would you like to do on this lovely Saturday?"  

We finally agreed to go to his house. When we got there I started feeling a pain and I got weak and droopy. "Edward." I croaked. "Oww." I said and held my stomach. Carlisle and everyone else brought me upstairs an laid me on a bed. I felt more pain and the last thing I could remember was Edward injecting something into my heart with a syringe and a fiery pain raging through me. 

I fell into blackness and pulled myself together and resisted from screaming. All the while I was falling deeper down. The process was long and I heard Edward call my name. I laid there as the fire faded. "Carlisle it should be over by no. What if.." Edwards was cut of by me opening my eyes. I got off the bed and was surprised by my speed. Everyone was standing by the door cautiously staring at me. i walked to Edward lightning fast and gave him a hug. "Ow Bella." He said. I let go and he said "Let's go hunting." He opened the window and jumped out. I hesitated and finally jumped. I thundered through the woods and he stopped me at a clearing. I watched him stalk a deer and kill it with a blow to the neck. I found a deer and tried the same thing. I finally killed it and drank. I walked back to Edward and saw him with a bit of dirt on his clothes and then looked at myself. I had no dirt on me. "I can't tell what you are thinking, Bella." I tugged something out of my mind and his expression was shock. "I just read your thoughts!" I placed it back in my mind and he frowned. "Not anymore. I think yo have a shield in your mind." He explained it as me ran to the house. I was about to go in but he stopped me. "What if you can't control yourself? You will hurt Renesmee. "Jacob." I called he came and I did nothing. Edward took me inside and I held my baby. She was growing fast. She looked like a year old baby now. Alice came in and said "The Volturi will closely monitor us. hen they will realize that Renesmee is not an immortal child and will go back to their normal doings." I nodded and cradled Renesmee in my arms. "Edward I will not be able to graduate-" I was cut off by the doorbell. It was opened and Charlie walked in. "Shoot." Edward said only for vampire ears. He dragged me into the kitchen and dug around in the cupboard. He pulled some brown contact lenses out and put them in my eyes. "They will disintegrate after a few hours and you will pretend to go to the bathroom and you will change them." He said quietly I nodded and he jumped out the window to bring Renesmee upstairs. 

"Dad Edward and I are thinking of adopting." I said to Charlie. "Great ." He said and yawned. "I gotta leave, I'm to tired to stay." He said. I waved and he left. Edward came downstairs with Renesmee.  I cradled her in my arms for the rest of the night. 

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