Twilight re-creation

This is a story I thought of making about Twilight. It still has all the characters and kinda same plot but different. Please read!


1. Edward

I enter the school and looked around after stopping and talking to Angela. I saw Edward leaning against the wall by my science room. I walked over to him and he smiled the crooked smile I loved. I looked at the plain school and then at the radiance that was Edward. Once again, I was dazzled by him in the normal school. I hugged him and he tensed but didn't pull away. Then I walked to my Trig class. I payed no attention to the teacher as Jess raved about something. I started as she mentioned Edward's name. "I mean what's with Edward Cullen? He like thinks no one is good enough for him." Was what she had said. My shoes suddenly became interesting as I said "Well he kinda took me to his house last night..." the rest of the morning she ignored me. When we walked into the cafeteria she scowled at me as I walked to the table Edward was sitting at. She stalked off. When I sat Edward handed me a tray of food in one of his lightning fast movements. I ate without realizing what it was and I swallowed the last bite fifteen minutes later. "Edward honestly why are you against it..."I asked, picking up our argument from the previous night. "I never said no I said think about it. You have a perfectly good life." He answered. "But Edward I'm pregnant with a vampire." I said, lowering my voice. "You don't know that." He said. "Yes I do, remember Carlisle's ultra sound?" I asked. "She is ono half vampire." He reasoned. "So I will never make it." I said. 

After school Edward drove me home since he had driven me to school. He stopped in front of my house and kissed me goodbye. I hugged him and got out of the car, but of course I tripped and fell face forward on the driveway. My knee started bleeding and Edward was beside me helping me to the door. "It doesn't bother you?" I asked. "Everyday it gets easier and easier." He said and kissed my forehead. "See?" And then he drove away. I walked inside and closed the door. After I cleaned my minor cut I started dinner. I made some pasta and left it to boil. I thought about our argument. "Bella?" Said Charlie as he walked in the door. "Right here." I called. As we ate it was silent. As soon as I finish I cleaned my dish and went to my room. "Edward?" I called and he came. He sat in my room as I brushed my teeth and got my pyjamas on. I went to sleep and he cradled me in his arms. "I love you." Was the last thing I heard.

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