The Move

This is a story about me and my best friends moving to London together, and meeting 1D!! :) Hope you like it :)


1. Packing

My P.O.V

This is it. The day that me and my friends move to London together! We bought a five bedroom apartment. Two bedrooms in the basement, which me and Alyssa get, and three bedrooms upstairs which Nicette, Sativa, and Felicity get. I can't believe its actually the day that we pack up and move! We've been waiting for this day for so many years, and now that we're all 19 except for Sativa who is 18, we can! We made the idea of moving to London when we were 14 (Keisha was 13). And two years ago we promised each other we were going to when One Direction became famous and we fell in love with 'em.....

                                * * * * * Flashback * * * * *

"Hey!" I greeted my friends as I walked up to them in the hallway "Hey" they all replied. "this is a little random but" I laughed as I said "remember three years ago when we said we were going to move to London together when we were older?" "yeah" Sativa answered as the rest of the girls nodded there heads. "well, we should actually move to London in two years" I said. "yeah we should" Nicette replied "why?" Alyssa asked. "Because there is this band called One Direction that I'm so DEDICATED too, and their super hot!" I said excitedly. "NO WAY! Me too!" Keisha said. "Really?! Me too!" Sativa said, Nicette and Alyssa said that they knew about the too, and that they loved them. "who's your favorite?" I asked "Liam" Alyssa said. "Louis" Nicette said. "Zayn" said Sativa. "Harry" said Keisha said. "OMC GUYS! THIS CAN ACTUALLY WORK!" I screamed "why?" they all asked. "Because my favorite is Niall and we all have different favorites." I said. "Yeah! It would!" Sativa said, "so all in honor to move to London in two years say 'I'" everyone said 'I'. "So that's it! We promise each other that we will move to London in two years" I said happily "YAY!" is all you could hear in the hallway. We were all super happy.

                       *****End Of Flashback*****

Today I'm going on a plane to move to London with my friends! And I FINALLY get a basement! Me and Alyssa get to decorate the whole basement just because our rooms our down there, its going to be so much fun! Sativa, Nicette, and Keisha have their bedrooms upstairs. I can't wait to go! I have had my suitcases packed for almost three months now! I'm soooooo excited!

Nicette's P.O.V

MY SUITCASE IS OVERFLOWING! Ok, calm down. I'll just leave some stuff with mom, so if I want to come visit, I will have some extra clothes. Ok, that's what I'll do. God. I hate packing. Ok, I'm done with clothes. Next, my straightener and combs, brushes, clips..ect. Then my toothbrush and toothpaste. Then shower stuff. Ok, I think I'm actually done! With two hours left! I'll text Morgan to see what I should do now........ OMG! WHERES MY PHONE! Great, this will take half an hour. *30 minutes later* I FOUND IT! It was under the bed... Ok, I'll text Morgan now, (texting) N: Hey! I'm done packing what should I do now? M: You should come hang out with me, I'm bored :'( N: Ok, I'm coming. (end of texting) I got in my car and drove to Morgan's house. When I got there Alyssa and Sativa were there. "Hey!" they said at the same time. Woah, creepy! Do they have twin power where they read each others mind and tell each other to say stuff at the same time or something? "hey" I replied as Keisha walked through the door. "Hey!" everyone says. Morgan stands on the coffee table. "I have important news guys" she starts. "what?" everybody asks........................ 








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