The Move

This is a story about me and my best friends moving to London together, and meeting 1D!! :) Hope you like it :)


3. No Way!

My P.O.V

When we got to London we got a cab to our new house. When we got to the house we toke our bags and ran into the house. We went in our rooms put our bags down and we each got a different One Direction shirt to change into. We all went to the living room to 'meet up'. When we all got there we fan girl screamed, put on our shoes and ran outside. We went outside of Zayn's door. Sativa knocked on it. "Zayn! There is someone at your door!" We heard Harry yell. I looked at Keisha and mouthed "Hes a keeper". I heard Zayn coming to the door and I saw the doorknob move. It gave me the shivers, I'm so excited! Then he opened the door, a bit surprised. As planned we all say "Hi! Were your new neighbors and want to get to know you and your friends." We smile cheekily. I'm guessing he saw our shirts because he smiled and said "Sure! Come on in!" I walked into his house to see Niall trying to make eye-contact with me. He turned around to Louis and said "Woah do you see them!" Niall turned around and Louis turned around too. And a big smile grew across his face as he saw Nicette. I teasingly whispered to Nicette "Nicette do you see Louis! I think he got something for you" She elbowed me and whispered back "Yeah but do you see Niall!" I blushed and laughed. "Do you see Liam though! He hasn't said anything! I don't even think he blinked yet!" I think Alyssa overheard us, because she elbowed me in the side."ow!" I say. "OMG! Are you ok!" Niall asked running towards me and giving me a hug. "Yeah! I'm fine!" I giggled.  He didn't let go though. "I'm fine!" I laughed. The other girls laughed at me. "Oh shut up" I said. "Potty mouth!!" Liam yelled finally coming out of his shock. Niall released me and said "WHO WANTS FOOD?!" Everyone laughed. "Well we got NO food to lets go to nandos!" He said. "thats probably not the best idea, theres fans EVERYWHERE and we could get mobbed." Harry said. "oh yeah" Niall said, "HARRY! GO MAKE US FOOD!" "ok! ok! fine!" He said walking towards the kitchen. He stopped. "but I'll need company." "I'll come!" Keisha said rushing into the kitchen with him. The rest of us just sat down on the couch and got to know the guys.


Keisha's P.O.V

"Were going to make some pasta ok, Love?" Harry asked. I nodded. He got out all the stuff he needed to make the pasta he was going make, and let me help him with. OMG! IM GOING TO MAKE PASTA WITH HARRY STYLES!! AHHH! IS THIS EVEN REAL LIFE?!?! Woah, I need to calm down. I don't want to screw up my chance with Harry. He put some stuff in a bowl and told me that I could mix it if I wanted to. So I obviously did. "Your doing it wrong" He said as I was mixing the stuff in the bowl. "How am I doing it wrong?" I asked him. "You just are" He answered. He put his hand on mine and helped me mix it. OH MY GOD! This can't be real life. It can't be! Harry start putting flour in the bowl. I put my hand in the bag of flour and flicked it in Harry's face. "HEY!" He yelled. I laughed. But then he got some and flicked it at me. I ran after him with a bunch of flour in my hand. I finally got him and I put it in his hair. "OH! THAT'S IT!" He yelled as he picked me up and flinged me over his shoulder. "WHERE ARE YOU TAKING M-" I got interrupted as I was thrown in the pool that Zayn has in his backyard. As I came to the surface I yelled "HARRY! I HATE YOU!" "W-why" He said with a sad look on his face. "I don't actually hate you" I said getting out of the pool and walking toward him. "Ok, good" He said. "Give me a hug" I said "sure" He said "Oh wai- OH C"MON!" He said as I hugged him. "Youre really stubborn, Styles" I said laughing. "Yeah I know!" He said. We went back in the house and got dried off. "Here wear these" Zayn said throwing some close at me and Harry. "Thank you" we both said. "HEY!" Sativa yelled at me. "Do you want to switch shirts?" I asked "YES!" She said. "Come into the bathroom with me then" I said. We went into the bathroom and switched shirts. When we came out we got to know the boys more than we know, which is a lot. 






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