The Move

This is a story about me and my best friends moving to London together, and meeting 1D!! :) Hope you like it :)


4. Best Day Ever

Sativa's P.O.V

I'm wearing Zayn's shirt OHMIGOD!! Anyways.... We're all in the living room talking, but than Harry screams "MY PASTA!" He legit runs to the kitchen in two seconds flat. We all laugh and walk into the kitchen. "GOOD! It's not burnt! I'm starvin'" Niall says. We all laugh once again. We gather around the table and eat the pasta. When we finish Harry cleans up the table, and Keisha helps him. We all go to the movie room which is downstairs and watch a movie. Zayn cuddles up next to me and giggles. I push him off and put my head on his shoulder. I look down the line, everyone else is doing the same. Nicette and Louis, Alyssa and Liam, and Morgan, and Niall. Wheres Keisha and Harry? They must still be upstairs. I take out my phone and send a text to Keisha. 


Me:KEISHA! You and Harry are going to miss the movie! Hurry up and get down here!

Keisha: OK! We're coming!!! 

*End of texting*

Keisha and Harry come down the stairs giggling. Everyone shushes them, but then bursts out laughing. Keisha and Harry sit down next to each other. They cuddle up to each other just as the movie starts. We're watching The Notebook. It's apparently a sad movie.. I don't know, I've never watched it...

A/N Sorry it's short, I needed a fill in chapter. 

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