Is It Love at First Sight? * Liam Payne Love Story*

Liam Payne is devastated by his recent breakup with dancer, Danielle Peazer. But what happens when Niall's cousin, Belle Horan, comes and steals his heart? Will it affect Niall and Liam's friendship? What will Danielle say?


5. The Football Match

Liam's POV

    I was pretty suprised that someone would ever do that to Belle. Belle was beautiful, gorgeous and athletic. She was honestly perfect. But I can't think that way because I have my beautiful girlfriend, Danielle. We've been distant lately, and its been killing me. In every text she used to always put " I Love You" at the end, but now she doesn't anymore. It just worries me.

   " So! How about we go to the park to get your mind off of things?" Zayn asked. Belle looked outside to find the sky sunny. She shrugged.

   " YEAH, AND THERE I CAN BEAT YOUR BUM IN FOOTBALL!!!!" Louis yelled. She giggled.

   " Fine, let me get my cleats and my ball." Belle said then ran upstairs.

   " You don't know what you got yourself into, mate." Niall said.

   " What do you mean?" Louis asked.

   " I mean that she's going to kick your ass!" Niall said. Then Harry quickly covered his mouth.

   " NOPE! NOPE! My bum is too perfect for that!" Louis said.

   " Oh really? I don't think so." Belle said, coming down from the stairs.

   " WHAT! NO FAIR! I DON'T HAVE MY CLEATS!!!"  Louis shrieked.

   " Here, use Niall's old ones." Belle said, handing some cleats to Louis.

   " Eww! Niall's feet touched this!!!!!" Louis exclaimed. Niall just glared at him, while all of us just laughed.

   " Well come one then, what are we waiting for?!" Belle screamed, already running out of  the door. We all followed her.

Louis' POV

   Belle and I started our game, while the other guys were sitting on the bleachers. I saw Niall eating some cheetos he brought. Typical Niall. Honestly, Belle's moves were really proffesional. I've never seen anyone score many goals in such short time. She was definitely a pro.

  " Give up yet?" she smirked.

  " Hell no." I yelled, then quickly stole the ball off guard. She ran behind me, but I already made the goal.

  " So, 5-1. Pretty impressive Tomlinson." She said sticking out her tongue. I was not going to lose this game to a girl. We played for hours, until the boys looked bored as hell. I gave up, there was no way I could win.

   " So, 12-6, not that bad." She said, grinning. I rolled my eyes. I can't believe I lost to a girl!

   " Told you," Niall said, climbing down the bleachers.

   " Whatever," I said sassily.

   " Aww don't be angry! No guy has ever beat me before, so it's not like you're the first to lose!" She said. I laughed. We all headed home. I still can't believe I lost to a girl.


(A/N This was just a filler! Sorry I'll try to update as soon as possible!!!!)


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