Is It Love at First Sight? * Liam Payne Love Story*

Liam Payne is devastated by his recent breakup with dancer, Danielle Peazer. But what happens when Niall's cousin, Belle Horan, comes and steals his heart? Will it affect Niall and Liam's friendship? What will Danielle say?


4. Opening up

Niall's POV

 I missed Belle strongly. We grew up together and I just bonded with her so much. She's the sister I never had! She's so kind and athletic, anyone can like her! I warned the guys before we came here that no one can date her. I don't want to see her hurt and either way she has a boyfriend. The only thing is that i'm leaving to go on tour and I don't know how to tell her. What if I bring her with me?

" So Belle, how's James?" I asked her. She stared at me, then suddenly started crying. What happened? She ran upstairs and locked herself up in her room. All the other guys stared blankly at me. We all went upstairs to where she ran to, and try to open the door.

" Belle! Please open the door!" I yelled.

" No!" she yelled back.

" PLEASEEEEEEEE BELLE! PLEASE OPEN!!!" Louis screamed at hte top of his lungs.

" NO!" she screamed back.

" Come on, Belle. Open up," Liam said, trying to stay calm.

" Come on guys let's burst this door open," Harry said. They all nodded.

" Wait!" I yelled. I remembered that Belle always left a spare  key under the flower pot. I picked up the flower pot and grabbed pot.

" Smart," Zayn said. I smiled. I opened the door to reveal Belle under the covers. We all ran over to her bed, then tried to uncover her. She kept grabbing on. Damn she's strong.

" Niall! You never told us she was this strong!" Harry said. I shrugged. Finally she released and we saw her with tears, her mascara running down.

" What happened?" I asked. " I asked you about James and all of the sudden you're in tears,"

" I want to tell you, but I don't want to tell everyone. I just met them you know," she said. Louis and Harry looked hurt, while Liam and Zayn just frowned.

" You can trust everybody, please just tell us." I told her.

" Yeah. You can tell us. My lips are sealed. " Louis said, while zipping his lips and then throwing his imaginary key.

" Okay." she said. Than we all sat on her bed.

" I was walking from the park today, after you told me to come home. I was checking my phone, when James called me. I picked up and answered. He called me by mistake. He was with this girl and started saying that he was going to break up with me after I give him what he wants." Belle said, ending up crying.

" What does he want?" Harry asked.

" Duh! Sex!" Louis yelled out. That made Belle cry some more. We all glared at Louis.

" Sorry." He apologized.

" So, he's just using you?" Liam asked. Belle nodded.

" That little motherf*cker! I swear when I get my hands on him he's f*cking dead. That b*tch!" I yelled out.

 "No Niall, don't hurt him." Belle said. We all gave her weird looks.

" Of course I know that James deserves a lesson but nobody deserves violence. I'll figure out something." she said.

" Why do you have to be so nice? Like really, be more like me!" I said. She laughed.

" No thanks. I don't want to get drunk every night." She said smiling. Everyone laughed. Oh Belle!

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