Is It Love at First Sight? * Liam Payne Love Story*

Liam Payne is devastated by his recent breakup with dancer, Danielle Peazer. But what happens when Niall's cousin, Belle Horan, comes and steals his heart? Will it affect Niall and Liam's friendship? What will Danielle say?


10. Niall's take

Niall's POV

    "How the fuck does he dare kiss Belle?" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

    "Calm down. He was drunk.." Harry said, trying to calm me.

     "I don't give two shits! He fucking knows how I feel about Belle! She's like my little sister and he can't just do that right in front of me. Even you wouldn't do that Harry!" I yelled. I know I'm being unreasonable but seriously how dare he kiss her right in front of me. I was right in front of them.

       "Calm down and calm your language. First of all, try to be in Liam's place. Danielle just broke up with him, he got drunk. He can't control himself. When you get drunk nobody can control you. Same thing with Liam."

         "I guess so." What am I doing? Instead of comforting him, I'm getting angrier with him. I should go support him.

          "Let's go comfort him." I said. I go up and went into Liam's room. I saw Belle there talking with him, and suddenly I got an urge of overprotectness. I've always been this way with Belle. When she first started datng the douchebag of James I had my friends investigate every little thing about him. I treat Belle like the sister I never had. No offence to Greg though.

           "Hey Liam." I said. Both Liam and Belle quickly looked at me. Belle quickly stood up and excused herself.

             "Look Niall, I'm sorry. I never meant to kiss Belle. I just broke up with Danielle, and she didn't even tell me why! I'm sor-"

              "It's ok, I know you were drunk. But let me just ask you a question. What exactly happened between you and Danielle?" I asked him. He looked at me and started to get teary by the second. His lip got wobbily and he looked like he was going to burst any second.

              " I don't exactly know. I received a phone call form her and she said she wanted to talk to me. I thought it was some thing like a tour but she just came straight forward and told me I think we should break up. I started crying and she just ran away. We've been so distant lately. I don't know whether it was that she doesn't love me anymore or that it was the hate. But she just came straight forward and told it to me with no feeling whatsover."

              " That's harsh. She should've at least told you what happened."

               "Yeah. But it's over either way. I just want to be alone, sorry."

               " No problem mate. I'll go." I made my way to the door at shut it lightly. He's definitely devastated. Now we have two heartbreaks, Belle's and Liam's. But why did they both have them at the same time? Is it a coinsidence?


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