Is It Love at First Sight? * Liam Payne Love Story*

Liam Payne is devastated by his recent breakup with dancer, Danielle Peazer. But what happens when Niall's cousin, Belle Horan, comes and steals his heart? Will it affect Niall and Liam's friendship? What will Danielle say?


3. Meeting One Direction

Belle's POV

 Niall came home? Yay? Haha, I definitely didn't expect him to come home. Or to tackle me. Same Niall.

" Niall!!!!" I screamed on the top of my lungs.

"Belle!!!!!" He screamed as well. WE hugged like a couple of idiots. I looked back and saw 4 other boys standinig and laughing. Well I guess this is One Direction.

" Oh Belle, these are my bandmates. This Louis" He pointed to the blued eyed one. He held his hand out and I took it. Then he started kissing my hand crazily.

" LOUIS! Save that for me!" the curly one yelled out . I couldn't help but laugh.

" This is Zayn." He said, pointing to the boy with the quiff. He held out his hand and I shook it.

" Nice to meet you," He said. I nodded back.

" This is Harry, " Niall said pointing to the curly haired boy. He took my hand and kissed it, while winking. I couldn't help but blush. Niall hit Harry then went and pointed at the last boy.

" And this is Liam," he said. I smiled. He held out his hand and I went in and shook it. I felt a shock between our hands. I looked at Liam and it seemed that he had it too. Weird.

" And this is Niall," Louis said. I laughed.

" Of course I know who this blondie is. I had to live with him!" I said Everyone started laughing. We all headed down to the living room and sat down on the couches.

" What made you come home?" I asked.

" We had a break so I decided ot come and see you." Niall said, winking.

" Yeah, at first we tohught you were his girlfriend because he talked about you non stop. But then he told us that you were his cousin," Harry said, between laughs. I smiled.

" He never told us you were this pretty in person," Zayn said. I started blushing.

" Thanks. He never told me you guys were this good looking in person," I said. They all started smiling.

" So tell us about yourself," Liam said.

" Well, what do you want to know?" I asked.

" Anything," He said.

" Well first of all, I LOVE football." I said.

" Oh really? You know, I'm the best player out of the band," Louis said. They all looked at Louis and started arguing about his comment.

" Oh shut up! Belle is definately a better football player than anybody in this room," Niall yelled out. Louis then suddenly looked at him suspiciously.


" Oh yeah, want to play and see tomorrow when it clears up?" I asked him.

" Fine then." He said. Then we shook hands. I think that I mistook about summer.

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