The Dark Angels of Vengeance

An Anime type reading style, If any of you readers have read the manga tales such as Vampire Night you know sort of what kind of stories i write. But i like to personalize it to my own writing form.
In this movella: Zusendei Makonis. A teenage girl on the outside and a forbidden dark Angel on the inside. Going to a regular school she meets a scavenger. Sent from hell to pull her into the flames of satan. He underestimates her and ends up changing the chase around.


2. ~In the morning~

Zusendei Makonis awakes in her bed to the usual sound of her inner clocks ringing. Her voice screaming in her dreams for her to awake from the nightmares slumber. Her chest rises from the bed in a screech of pain and horror. Memories of a terrible past flash before her eyes as her eyes bewildered search the familiar room for any threats.

He stood my dreams again, like a beautiful angel. I could have sworn it's the same person every time. But i get a new emotion from each dream...

Zusendei thought. Waiting for her breath and heart to follow the same rhythm she falls to the bed a sigh of pain. Long red and black scars drew across the spine down her back. Wincing she got up and walked to the huge mirror, looking at herself in self-disgust she starts her daily routine with her makeup and hair. Doing her best to fit into the average teenage life of the humans.

I must disregard these childish dreams. Of course, being a teenage human has really started to seep into my mind. I haft to start disciplining my mind once more...

Zusendei walked down the stairs looking around for any signs of the scavengers. "Has the system really broken this much down, since my leave?" She talked to herself laughing in a tone of darkness.

She walked to the closet picking out the usual jeans with a spiky black belt, and a black tank top. Warning everyone in her line of sight she was not to be messed with. Even though her body features screamed fragile. She too caught the eyes of every human in her surroundings. Luring everyone to her attention she has the world at her feet. Using it only to her advantage. 

Skipping breakfast for her usual non eating of human food she runs to the door. Opening it she sees her friend Asukei, waiting to give her a lift to school.

"You ready Mack?" Asukei asks looking past Zusendei to see what her house was like. Nobody had ever entered there but Zusendei herself. Or Mack as everyone called her. Zusendei hated her own name and everyone who dared speak it. 

Asukei was a cute girl. Sexy to the male eyes and pretty to the girls. She always wore a short shirt and a long sleeved shirt. Hugging her thin frame. 

This was like every other morning for Zusendei. But deep down she knew this day was different from all others. How she was still uncertain.

Keep an eye out Mack, you know you gotta keep on fighting...

She thought to herself, following Asukei to the car and off to school.

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