The Dark Angels of Vengeance

An Anime type reading style, If any of you readers have read the manga tales such as Vampire Night you know sort of what kind of stories i write. But i like to personalize it to my own writing form.
In this movella: Zusendei Makonis. A teenage girl on the outside and a forbidden dark Angel on the inside. Going to a regular school she meets a scavenger. Sent from hell to pull her into the flames of satan. He underestimates her and ends up changing the chase around.


1. ~Prologue: Scavenger~

Standing in the kiss of the sunsets light. Hair as white as snow flows in front of his strong green eyes. The frame of his body hulking and sexy to the human eye. Catching everything and everyone in his attention. He bows his head to look at the picture of a girl in his hands. 

His target, a girl with hair black as night, curling perfectly around the edges of her face as she stances in front of her window. Her eyes dark and mysterious, her mouth in a twisted sweet smile as she caresses her left arm. Like a stalker they had watched her house. Following her every movement and taking pictures for evidence. This was but one of the hundreds of her pictures, filed in confidential folders, in a room bigger then California. 

I should be ashamed of my job. He thought to himself as he again looked over the frame of this girl. She was not to be underestimated, though her fragile features made it hard for him not to. 

Smiling to himself as he through away his foolish thoughts, he gets up and leaps from the mountain he stands on. Soaring through the air as wind rushes by his ears he spreads his arms and lets his wings fold out.

Cutting through the sky like a missile and elegant as an eagle. He hunts for his new pray. 

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