Rock Me

A Girl named Jacqueline wants to visit his dad,and she does go visit him,but then she realizes that his dad works for a Boy Band named One Direction,and when she meets them,she falls in love with the Hazel eyed babe,named Zayn.Find out what happens when Jacqueline meets Zayn. Does she fall in love and start dating Zayn, or does she become really close friend?


1. New Day, New school

                                                             *Jacqueline's POV*
"Hi my name is Jacqueline. I'm 16 years old and i used to go to Tarkington School of Excellence. This is my first year and i'm really excited for this" I said as i walked up to the front of the class to introduce myself. I loved my new class,but except just one thing that I didn't really liked and thought was super annoying,which was the class bully. His name was Leo. I have heard that same day at school that he bullied everyone because he thinks that he is the strongest kid in the school,and the rest are just some wimps that no one cares about. My first day of school was fine,until the class bully came up to me. I got scared and started to walk away,but I felt something grabbing me by the arm. I knew who it was, of course,it was Leo. I said"Look, this is my first day of school and i don't want to get in trouble on my first day of school,Okay!". I walked away and Leo just stayed their with his mouth shaped exactly just like and O shape. As i walked down the hall to Chemistry i was searching for the Class Room,but then i bumped into this hazel,brown eyed boy,and at that very moment my books fell,and he helped me. I said " I'm so sorry,i really have to watch where i'm going!". He said" no it's fine,i'll help you.". When we picked up the last book, we both touched our hands. I asked him what's his next class and said "Chemistry,How about you?". I said in a nervous way,"Chemistry too". "Hi my name is Zayn,and you are?". I said "Jacqueline", i Love your name, I've always wanted to name my baby Zayn." He said "Really!?!?!?!". The bell rang and we both went to Chemistry together. When we were on our way to class,until,We bumped into the Bully,and the worst part was that we were holding hands,THE BOTH OF US! Leo started teasing and Zayn got REALLY mad. He started to talk back and saying" Hey,look, i don't want you to start a fight with this girl, or even me,i don't want any trouble or Jacqueline getting hurt!". I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED at what he had said for me. After that, we were on our way to Chemistry. It was complete silence until i said " Thank you Zayn,for standing up for me,you were very brave". He just responded" your welcome,i'd do anything for you,even if we just met". I just stayed their standing like an idiot, smiling at him,i wanted to give him a little kiss so bad,but we barely even met.

                                                           *Zayn's POV*

While i was on my way to Chemistry,i bumped into this beautiful Dirty Blonde girl,and even though i just saw her,i was already in love. I have NEVER i mean NEVER felt this way before. I dropped her books and helped her pick them up. She said" I'm so sorry,i should really watch where i'm going!".I said" no it's fine, i'll help you . Then, we picked up the last book and our hands touched.

(Sorry have to go i'll update soon;D)

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