Rock Me

A Girl named Jacqueline wants to visit his dad,and she does go visit him,but then she realizes that his dad works for a Boy Band named One Direction,and when she meets them,she falls in love with the Hazel eyed babe,named Zayn.Find out what happens when Jacqueline meets Zayn. Does she fall in love and start dating Zayn, or does she become really close friend?


2. He's the right one for me

                                                                    *Jaqueline's POV*

I knew that moment that when he had stood up for me,he was the right one for me. When we went to class,we were a bit late. Zayn told Mrs.Guzman,our teacher, everything of what had happened,except for when me and Zayn met. Mrs.Guzman said she was fine with it as long as no one got hurt but she didn't want that happening again. We both said"Yes" at the same time. Zayn looked at me and i looked at Zayn. I blushed and he could tell because when we were going to our seats, Zayn said"I saw you blushing,but it was cute". I blushed again bright pink but Zayn didn't see me. Thank God. After Chemistry we had the rest of our classes which then were Math,Social Studies,and Science which we had to pick partners,and of course,me and Zayn were together. We had to present it to the whole class and also the school.The winner would get to take a trip to London,which Zayn was happy about that was where he had lived. We decided to build a Robot that can help with anything like build a bridge,Desktops,and much more. The best part was that it would be LIFESIZE! We were excited and went home to build it. I decided to tell him to come to my house since my mom was gone for a month on a trip to Canada. That was kind of awesome because i got the whole house to myself. When Zayn came over,i asked him if he wanted anything to drink or eat and he said he can help cook if i wanted to. I said yes in a cheeky way,and i think he noticed because he smirked at me. (ehhhh kinda sick i have to go yesterday my school bus crashed on our way back from a field trip :/ i'll update soon ;D)

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