Rock Me

A Girl named Jacqueline wants to visit his dad,and she does go visit him,but then she realizes that his dad works for a Boy Band named One Direction,and when she meets them,she falls in love with the Hazel eyed babe,named Zayn.Find out what happens when Jacqueline meets Zayn. Does she fall in love and start dating Zayn, or does she become really close friend?


3. He's the right one for me (Continued)

*Jacqueline's POV*

I said yes in a cheeky way and i think he noticed because he smirked at me. We both walked into the kitchen and then out of no where,some crazy screaming girls were outside my window. I said" Zayn,do happen to do anything to do with this?". He said "Yes.". I knew that he was blushing because i saw his cheels turn pink and his face was red. I said' Well can you explain?". He said yes. He told me everything that i was supposed to know and i said "Don't worry,it's not your fault i know how you feel.". He said"You do". I said yes because i was also famous. Well,we worked this all out and just went outside to meet some fans. It turned out that the fans were from both of us! We both met a fan that was a fan of me and Zayn! I loved this fandom! It's the best! We took pictures,we signed papers,and also we just played a little game which is really weird because usually some other famous people don't do that. After,everything was all cleared out and me and Zayn decided to skip the cooking since we were tired from all that. We went into my room and Zayn just saw my guitar and started playing some songs. We played More Than This which of course was by One Direction. I remembered that i had an old guitar in my closet and i got up and grabbed it. I said that we should do a little duet together just for fun. We did. It turned out that i broke my guitar. We were both playing around and pushing each other until me and Zayn pushed each other and fell on my guitar. We were laughing so hard that we couldn't breathe anymore! We calmed down after a bit and just layed down on my bed. We both fell asleep for about an hour and I woke up crying because i dreamed that Zayn and i were dating but then he was cheating on me. Zayn saw me and said"What's wrong?". I explained everything and he said if we both did really date,then i would never ever break up with you." I was happy to hear


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