Little Things <3

A girl name Paola recently became a cheerleader and everyone is making fun of her and bullying her. After one practice she walks home and she bumps into a beautiful boy named Zayn.


3. Waking up and actually having a good day kind of.

Paola's P.O.V.

I wake up to the sun, brighten in my eyes as it was coming from my window and grab my phone to discover I had 2 text messages from Zayn, the guy from yesterday. One text said " Hey . You there?" the next one said. " If this is Paola , I'm going to be going to your school for a while." I was excited so I opened my closet and took out a white dressy tube top and slipped that on. Then I took out some black skinny jeans and matched it with a pretty, white belt. Then got a black cardigan and to top it off I put on my black toms. Today, I decided to straighten my hair to wear my black beanie. Then , I went to brush my teeth then I put my eyeliner and mascara on and placed my contacts in. I took my bag, phone, and headphones and headed out the door. Today, I was on 5 minutes early for the bus just because I was so excited that Zayn was coming to my school. When I got on the bus, I headed to my seat then immediately I took out my phone then listened to music and then looked at his text messages for a long time until I texted him saying, " Omg, I'm glad to see you coming to my school, I can't wait to see you." Then he texted back automatically and said, " I just can't wait to see your face." When I got that text message, I blushed and smiled for a while. Then when the bus stopped, I got up quickly and ran down the aisle so I can hurry up and get off so I can see Zayn. Zayn makes me happy, but I don't know if he understands that. When I got to the hallway, I saw a black-haired boy with a blond streak and hazel eyes. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Zayn. Finally, I ran up to him to give him a hug. When I backed away, I realized there were some girls behind him trying to give him hugs. When I saw that I just walked away. Zayn saw me walk away and his eyes look sadden. He tried to push all the girls out of the way and he exceeded and he he ran towards me and saw a single tear go down my cheek. " Don't worry about them Paola they aren't as important to me as you are." Zayn said as he wiped that tear slowly then hugged me. After that , I felt just a little better and then I saw him look at his schedule and I took it out of his hands nicely and looked over it. "We had the same classes except 5th period." I said and smiled. He smiled back and walked me to my locker to get my stuff for 1st period. And we walked into first period together and Addie had her eye on me from the back of the room looking at Zayn and notices him and approaches him and says " Hi, I'm Addie, Paola's best friend." " Oh , nice to meet you love." Zayn said as we all walked to the back and sat down.

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