Little Things <3

A girl name Paola recently became a cheerleader and everyone is making fun of her and bullying her. After one practice she walks home and she bumps into a beautiful boy named Zayn.


5. Sleepovaaaa (; <3

Addie's P.O.V.

Okay, I just invited to the sleepover and I'm just so happy right now. I packed some mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, my spongebob pj's, a baggy t-shirt , etc. And when I was done, I walked to his house. It was great that it wasn't so far a walk. I got the house and rang the doorbell. Quickly , I heard footsteps coming towards the door. It was Zayn. He wasn't that dressy. He was wearing batman pj's and a baggy shirt that says,'Fuck you' on it like 10 times. But he still looked cute either way. " Come in, come in." He said. I walked in and I saw Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis on the couch and I said hey to them, they all greeted back. When Zayn introduced me to them, he was smiling at me. I couldn't help but to smile back. After we got to know each other we all watched Paranormal Activity 2. I really didn't like scary movies but just for Zayn, I watched it. Me and Zayn on one couch, Niall and Liam were on one, and Harry and Louis were on the last one. When the movie started, I was already scared, then suddenly I felt a warm arm go around me, it was Zayn's arm.I smiled then he smiled. We cuddled, I felt so special in his arms. When the movie was over, I was knocked out and sleeping until Louis hit me with a pillow to wake me up. " The night is still young !" Louis yelled. " Who wants to play Truth or Dare?" Liam asked. "Meeeeee." yelled Zayn. So, I got up and played with them. "Truth or dare Liam? Louis asked " Truth." Liam answered. " Okay, Is it true that you and Danielle went further than 2nd base on the 2nd date?" Louis answered with a smile. " Haha, you got me, yeah it's true." Liam answered with a smile. " Okay, Truth or Dare Niall?" Harry asked. "Dare."Niall answered with his beautiful irish accent." Okay, I dare you to switch pants with Zayn." Harry said with a laugh. Zayn laughed and went to his room with Niall and about 2 minutes later Zayn walks in with green pj's with 4 leaf covers all over it and Niall is wearing his batman pj's. I laughed myself when they came back until Zayn asked me," Okay, since you think this is so funny, truth or dare Paola? He said with a wink. " Dare, I'll do anything thats not nasty haha." I said. " Okay, kiss me." He said. Kiss him ? Omg this is the moment I've been waiting on for a while so then Zayn leaned in 90% and I finished with the 10% and kissed him. His lips were on mine softly until his tongue slipped into my mouth and it became a little serious, but don't get me wrong I didn't want to stop but I stopped him and backed away slowly and smiled at me. By the time that was over everyone decided to stop playing and head to there rooms. " If you don't mind you can sleep with me tonight?" Zayn asked. " That's fine." I answered and we headed to his room and layed down in his bed. I was personally about to fall asleep until Zayn's voice: " Paola?" He asked. "Yeah." I answered. " You're really beautiful and that kiss ment something to me." He said. " To be honest , it meant something to me too it's just that I kinda love you. I'm sorry if you may not feel the same way , I just wanted to tell you." I said with a tear running down my cheek. " Are you kidding? I thought you realized it , but never felt the same. But , I truely love you." Zayn said. " I love you too." I said as Zayn leaned in all  the way and kissed me. I kissed him back and we let go at the same time and looked at each other and smiled. " Will you go out with me Paola Dagger? " Zayn asked. " I would love to." I said. " I'm really sleepy so, see you in the morning ?" I also said. " Okay, good night love." Zayn said and kissed me on the cheek and we both have fell asleep.

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