Little Things <3

A girl name Paola recently became a cheerleader and everyone is making fun of her and bullying her. After one practice she walks home and she bumps into a beautiful boy named Zayn.


1. School .

Paola's P.O.V. 

BANG BANG! I hear on my door until I hear it bust open. It happened to be my dad. "Time to get up, now!" He yelled at me. I rush out of my bed quickly and opened my closet to get some clothes. I carefully take out a peach , dressy shirt that showed my shoulders and tighten against my stomach and got a pair of blue skinny jeans with my white toms. After I got dressed, I curled my hair as curly as I could get it then I rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth. As soon as I'm almost done, I hear the bus horn go ' BEEP, BEEP'. So, I rushed to my room grabbed my phone, headphones, backpack and contacts and headed towards the bus. When I got on the bus, everyone stared to stare and it grew silent, so I headed to my assigned seat and pulled out my phone and my headphones and put on a song called  'Little Things'. It was one of my favorite songs. When I got to school, I quickly put my phone and headphones in my backpack and    got up and headed to the hallway. When I got to my locker, a girl walked up to me and asked, " So, you made the basketball cheerleading squad?" " Indeed." I said with a small smile. As she walked away, I heard a giggle come from her mouth and I tried to ignore it but I couldn't but one tear slid down my cheek. I wiped it away and went to my first period class, Mrs.Bell, with my best friend Addie. We actually had all classes together... I was so lucky. When I walked in everyone was doing there work except this one guy named Alex that would not stop staring at me. I just ignored his face and walked to the empty seat next to Addie. Addie and I was talking about that new, beautiful song , 'Little Things'. Me and her loved the songs but we weren't obsessed over the people like any other directioner was. As the time passed, it was 7th period already and the bell was about to ring. Me and Addie walked to the gym for cheerleading practice and we started doing jumping jacks and push-ups. Then, we learned more cheers, when the time passed, it was 5:00 and it was time to go home. I was that one person that walked home since I didn't have a car. When I was walking home, I was listening to my music and walking with my backpack on my back and my cheerleading uniform on ... when a guy with black hair with a blonde streak in his hair with hazel brown eyes, 5'9 tall which was taller than me by 5 inches and he was gorgeous. " I'm sorry." he said with his beautiful voice. " No, its my fault I'm sorry." I said as I headed toward the ground to pick my binder up. I saw he tried to help. He at least helped me up from the ground. " Are you alright ? " He asked. " Yeah. I'm fine I said." I said as I started to walked then , he stopped me by lightly grabbing my arm and asked, " Can I walk you home ?" " Sure. That's fine." I answered. When I said yes, I realized he had a big smile on his face.

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