Little Things <3

A girl name Paola recently became a cheerleader and everyone is making fun of her and bullying her. After one practice she walks home and she bumps into a beautiful boy named Zayn.


2. Home sometimes as sweet home..

Zayn's P.O.V.

I mean I didn't mean to bump into her like that I wasn't paying that much attention until I looked into her eyes. Her eyes were a beautiful sky blue and her hair was in perfect curls and she just looked great in her purple and gold cheerleading uniform. Her voice was the sound of a angel. I was glad to at least walk her home to you know get to know her. " So , what's your name love?" I asked. "Paola." She said in a sweet voice. "Pretty name, I'm Zayn." I said. " Ah,  you look familiar." She said. " Yeah, I'm in a band named One Direction." I told her. " Oh yeah. I remember. I like your music it really gets to me." She said. " Haha, thanks so tell me about yourself ?" I asked. " Okay. I'm 18. I love your songs and the group but I promise I'm not obsessed like any other directioner. I love toms and I listen to music when I'm down. I'm a cheerleader as you see haha. I love dressy clothes and can you keep a secret?" Paola said. " Yes, of course." I said. " I get bullied alot so I'm trying to get used to it." Paola said as a tear slips down her face. " Don't cry Paola, you shouldn't let these people take advantage of you just ignore them." I said as I wiped her tear and gave her a warm, sweet hug. I realized she stopped crying and smiled at me and I smiled back. Then, we continued walking. " So, tell me about you Zayn?" She asked. " Okay I'm 19. I have hazel eyes. I'm 5'9. I live with 4 other boys as you should know. I love my mum she means the world to me. My favorite song is 'Let me love you' by Ne-yo. I'm in love with varsity jackets. I'm from Bradford, England. My birthday is January 12." I said. "Wow, I love that song Let me love you too. It's amazing." She said. " Yeah." I said with a smile. When we got to her house she said, " This is the place." " Oh, it looks nice." I said. " If my parents aren't home would you like to come in for a cup a tea?'' She asked. " I would love to." I said nicely. " Okay , wait here." She said. She went inside for about 2 minutes then came back and said, " The ghost is clear." I walked in and everything was clean and organized. As I sat on the couch , Paola came in with 2 cups of hot tea and sat next to me. It felt comforting to know someone I barely knew but she was just so beautiful. " So, how was your day?" She asked. "Well, today was perfect. I just chilled out for the day until I wanted to go outside for a walk and then I bumped into a beautiful girl named Paola." I said and smiled big. " You really think I'm beautiful?" Paola asked with a slight smile. " Of course, your beauty is out of the world." I said with a smile. She smiled back and then her cheeks turned red. As I looked at the time, I sadly said, " I have to head home, but before I do..." I took out a clean , sheet of paper and wrote my number on it and slipped it in her soft, warm hands. As I placed it there she giggled a little and took it and asked, " Is it okay if I text you tonight?" She asked. " That would be wonderful." I said. And I headed out the door.


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