Little Things <3

A girl name Paola recently became a cheerleader and everyone is making fun of her and bullying her. After one practice she walks home and she bumps into a beautiful boy named Zayn.


4. Addie getting know Zayn.

Paola's P.O.V.

As we headed to the back of the room, Addie was asking Zayn alot of questions and how we met and are we close and all that. " Well, I hope me and Paola are very close friends and we met by me accidental bumping into her , but I think I was glad I bumped into her because she's amazing." Zayn said. I was blushing but I didn't want him to see. He saw my cheeks a bright red but I said, " It's just the blush I put on this morning." I lied, but he knew it was a lie and he smiled. Then, when Mrs.Bell walked in the class grew silent. She took attendance then started class. Luckily, Zayn was a smarty pants and he helped me with my work. :3     The time moved fast and by the time we finished our work the bell rung. And we moved on the the next class. ~Skips to the end of school~

Me, Addie, and Zayn had a great time today. We all went home but before I got on the bus, Zayn grabbed my wrist and asked," Can I take you home?" I could never say no to those dreamy eyes. " Great, that's fine with me, thanks." We hopped into his red, bright ford and we drove off. " So, how was the first day of school here?" I asked. "It was great. I had a fun time today, never better except in 5th period." Zayn answered. " What happened in 5th period even though I wasn't there? haha." I asked. " You weren't there. That was the problem." He said with a smile. Yeah, I blushed but this time I let him see me. I didn't care. I loved his smile it's just too cute. And not meaning to stare or anything but his lips looked like they were kissable but I felt like he wouldn't like me like that so I tried to empty my mind until Zayn said. "We're here, but can I ask you something?" He said with a serious face. "Yeah, anything." I said. " So, I know we just met and all but, I was wondering if you wanted to come over tonight since you know it's a friday?" He asked. " I would love to and if it not too much can I spend the night?" I asked. " That sounds great can you be over by 6?" He asked. " No, I'm coming at 5:30 you need to be ready by then." I said with a wink. He smiled and said," That's fine." So, we gave each other hugs and went our separate ways.

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