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5. Chapter 5

Beau and Gina were sitting on the lounge, watching morning TV and Jai was buttering his toast in the kitchen. When I ran into the room, they all looked up because I probably created a bit of a racket. We were at a beach house, so I sprinted out the front door onto the patio and kept running, soon finding myself on the beach. I could hear Jai, Luke and Beau screaming out after me, clearly concerned. Right now, I didn't care. I was mad, sad and heart-broken. Gina must know what was going on.

I must be ages away from the house now so I stopped running, finally feeling tired and puffed. I sat down at the top of the sand dune, looking out at the ocean. The tears hadn't stopped since I left the house, and I was choking, trying to breathe.

*Beau's POV*

"Gee, morning TV sure isn't what it used to be," mum said. I just rolled my eyes and chuckled; she always thought back to the 'good ol' days.' Parents, pfft.

"Yeah okay," I sarcastically commented. Suddenly the door to Luke's and Annabelle's room burst open and Anna sprinted out, tears running down her face. She kept running out the front door and I shot up, starting to go after her when mum grabbed my arm, "just leave her."

Luke came out and looked just as confused as Jai and I. We all looked at mum who was looking at the ground. "What's going on?" I said. My mum just shook her head.

I sighed, "Dammit mum, tell us whats wrong!" I demanded, getting mad.

"Just give her some space. When she is ready, she will talk to you." She replied. I shook my head and started running after Anna, very concerned.

"BEAU!" I could hear mum screaming after me, "COME BACK!" I didn't care how much shit I would be in. Anna was family, and I was not leaving her alone. I could hear mum shouting at Jai and Luke to stay and they were both whinging. I looked around and finally found her sitting on the top of a sand dune. I sprinted over, reducing my speed to a walk when I was within a hundred metres of her. I could see tears streaming down her face, and her eyes were red and blotchy.

"Anna," I said, wrapping my arm around her. She didn't say anything, just rested her head on my shoulder and cried. We stayed like this for a while before she broke away and kept looking out to the ocean.

"What's wrong?" I asked, not tearing my eyes away from her.

She hesitated before answering, "I guess me running out and crying was pretty random, right?" she said with a small laugh. I chuckled.

"Yeah, gave me a shock, but seriously, what's up. You can talk to me." I said.

"Something happened, a while back. It just catches up with me each year and I just never really got over it I guess." I waited, hoping she would go on. "I uh, used to have a sister, you know?" she asked.

"No, I didn't know that," I said, not liking where this was going.

"That doesn't surprise me, no one did." She said in a small voice.

"What happened?" she took a deep breath and closed her eyes before answering.

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