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4. Chapter 4

My parents were both standing in the Brook's kitchen, along with their mum and 5 suitcases. Mine, Lukes, Jai's, Beau's and Gina's. I widened my eyes questionably. I honestly had no idea what was up.

"Uh… explain?" I said. Luke nodded.

"Well, we are all going on a holiday. Seems a little random, but I had been planning it for a while now and I was going to get David and Susan to look after the house whilst we were gone when I had the brilliant idea of inviting Anna along with us. She practically is family, right?" Gina concluded with a giant smile. I still didn't understand.

"Where are we going?" Luke asked excitedly.

"Oh just down to the beach, nothing too fancy. We never really go on holidays but David and Susan are chipping in, making the cost a little more manageable. We are going for a week!" Gina said.

I looked at Luke who seemed thrilled at the idea and Beau obviously already knew. Only I knew the real reason why my parents wanted me to go.

"Really? Gina are you sure this is okay?" I asked, feeling a little excited myself.

"Sure it is!" Beau said, walking over and loading up the car.

I looked at Luke again and he was grinning at me, and I started to feel really excited. "Are we going today?" I asked, setting my school bag down.

"Yep, in about an hour. So your parents already packed for you and some clothes are laid out on Luke's bed. You two go up and get changed, we'll pack the car. Jai's up there so be sure to knock before you enter." She said, and I just giggled.

We both ran upstairs and Luke opened the door without even knocking, to find Jai positioning his beanie in the mirror.

"Hey Jai!," I said while I was climbing up and grabbing my clothes. My mum had laid out some torn mini-pants, my blue vans and a black singlet. I walked into their bathroom and got changed, applying a little touch up of make-up and letting my wavy hair fall out. I looked in the mirror and was happy with my appearance.

In an hour, we were all packed up and in the car, driving on the highway. Well, I was in Beau's car and Luke and Jai were in Gina's car. We had music blaring and we were singing at the top of our lungs. I was laughing and so was Beau. It was really fun!

We stopped to get some Macca's with Gina and the boys, at around 6.00 for dinner. As we got out of the car, I noticed a young girl who was bald walk into McDonalds. Pain hit me like a tonne of bricks, and I turned away, unable to look at her. Luke just looked at me weirdly, like I was being mean or something. I wasn't, he just didn't understand.

When we were all back in the car, and I was riding shotgun beside Beau, I was quiet and I think he could tell.

"Belle…" he began, using the nickname only he called me. "Are you okay? Back in McDonalds you… seemed upset when that girl came in." I forced a smile.

"Nah I was fine, I was just being stupid, I guess I felt bad for her." I smiled, trying to sound convincing but I knew Beau knew differently.

Arriving at the hotel, I flopped onto the double bed that I was sharing with Luke, and felt my eyes get droopy.

"Anna?" I felt Luke shove me a bit. I moaned in response. "Just get changed into your pj's and we'll go to sleep I'm so fricking tired too, I'll be back in a few minutes." I heard him grab some clothes and leave the room. Forcing myself up, I got changed and hopped straight back into bed. I pulled the dooner up because we had the air conditioner up pretty cold. I liked sleeping in cold rooms.

I turned the light off. A few minutes later Luke slid into the bed beside me. I was lying on my side, facing away from him. He wrapped an arm around my stomach and pulled me close. I loved cuddling with him.

"Night," I mumbled, feeling myself fall asleep already.

"Goodnight Anna," he replied, sounding just as sleepy.

"Shh…"I heard someone say in a hushed voice. I then heard the low rumble of a drawer being opened which was then followed by a thud and hearing a soft, "fuck!"

I groaned. Someone, most likely Luke, was trying to get changed. I opened one eye to adjust to the brightness, and then the other eye. I turned my head the side and read the time; 8.34. it wasn't too bad. I sat up and looked around me. The room was a mess, as we kind of just dropped everything and went straight to bed last night. I noticed Luke with his back to me, probably not even aware that I had been woken up.

I coughed, trying to get his attention. He jumped and turned around, looking a little guilty.

"Erm… Sorry. I just, I just, ah.. I had to get changed." He finished.

I frowned and groaned again, flopping back on the bed. "Sorry," he said again. I just wiggled my foot in response. Gee I was not a morning person.

"What day is it?" I asked groggily.

"Uh… pretty sure it's Tuesday, the um… 11th of March." He said. I was woken up immediantly, adrenaline pumped through my veins. I looked at the clock again – 8.45. Seven years ago I was… I felt the tears prickling behind my eyes. I shot up and grabbed my ugg boots. I already had my long pyjama pants on and a singlet, but right now, I didn't care if I was butt naked. I need to be alone. I sprinted out of the room, feeling tears start to roll down my face.

"Hey! Anna?" Luke shouted, trying to grab my arm but I pushed him away and kept running.

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