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3. Chapter 3

"You are the leaders of this school, dedicated to the learning and wellbeing of those around you. You are role models. You are what everyone looks up to. So be someone that makes the school proud," Mr Dunne concluded. A faint round of applause sounded trough the auditoruim. I looked beside me at my best friend, Luke Brooks. He looked so bored, but secretly I was interested. But like the sheep that I was, I was clapping like I would much rather puke my brains out and eat them for dinner. Erm, yeah. It had been two years since I moved here, and as soon as Luke and I became friends, everything felt a lot easier. There was nothing awkward about us, no urges to be... flirty or whatever. It was just solid friendship; best friends.

The bell rings and all the students immediantly stand up, and there is a huge stampede to get out the door and go home. Today was the 'leadership information day.' This is a full day dedicated to teaching us students how to be leaders, but personally, it was boring and a waste of time. I sigh as I hold my knees up to my chest to let all the people shove past. I honestly can't be bothered to fight with the crowd. 

About 10 minutes later, nearly everyone has left the auditorium so I grab my bag, sling it over my shoulder and head out the door. When I walk out I see Luke standing against the wall outside the auditorium, waiting for me. I laugh. "Why are you waiting for me?" He gives me a look that says, we always wait for each other?

"Beau's coming to pick us up and go to Maccas cause I'm starving.. they said they would provide food and all we got was some packaged cake and apple crap." He whinges. I elbow him playfully. "Fatty." I mumbled under my breath. He rolls his eyes. We always do this, kind of a brother-sisterly love thing. 

"OVER HERE!" we both look up to see Beau jumping up and down and waving like mad. My eyes grow wide and I feel my face going red. He knows this embarrasses me. I see a lot of turned heads and giggles. Luke acts like nothing is wrong. Pfft, boys.

When we get to the car I hit Beau (playfully) and he just grins, "hop into the party bus!" I don't know how he got his license, but he is a responsible driver. Just sometimes, you wouldn't know it. "Why are you picking us up? You never puck us up...." Luke says suspiciously. "Erm...." Beau coughs, "just felt like being nice today I guess. But don't get used to it!" 

"Wasn't planning on it," Luke mumbles. I smile to myself. They are so stupid, but I guess all boys are. I wish I had a sibling. I did. But then... "No." I told myself. "Don't think about it." So I pushed it to the back of my brain, and continued to smile and laugh at the boys, but inside, I was slowly dying at the pain of what happened. Luke didn't know.

"AND WE HAVE REACHED OUR DESTINATION!" Beau shouts. I whack him and laugh as I get out of the car and hear Luke complaining that they didn't stop at Maccas. "When you can drive go wherever the hell you want, but I'm driving so," he pushes Luke pretty hard, making him stumble back a bit, "shut up and stop complaining." Beau concludes. Luke just rolls his eyes and goes into the house, dropping his bags and saying, "Uh, what the hell is this about?" Me and Beau are right behind him, Beau not seeming as confused as I was feeling when I looked at the scene infront of me.

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