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2. Chapter 2

"Sorry about that," he says with a smile on his face as he hands me the last bits of paper. "My clumsy brother Jai fell into me."

I chuckled. The classic pushing-your-friend-into-someone act. I knew it well. "It's okay, thank you for helping me pick up my books and stuff." I started to relax a little, falling into my usual self that would love a conversation; I was really talkative.

He nodded, "Yeah it's all good." I smiled and started walking off to my class. The boy (still hadn't got his name) ran after me and starting walking beside me. "Do you have a name?" He asked. "That depends," I say, playing along with his dumbness. "On?" he asks. "Wether you have a name," I smirk. He laughs. "Yeah I have a name, Luke Brooks." He flashes me a warm smile. "Well in that case, hi. My name's Annabelle Hart." I say, returning his smile. "I'm new here, do you know where room G15 is?" I study my timetable, trying to figure it out. He grabs the paper and scrunches it up and dunks it in the closest bin. "NO!" I scream, running to the bin and trying to flatten it out. "Are you crazy?" I look at him and he's cracking up laughing. I start laughing, but I'm trying not to. "You dick, that was my bible to try and not get lost in this huge school!" I exclaim, punching him in the arm. "Just think of me as your personal guide." He says, bowing. "Fine." I say, relaxing even more. I link my arm in his and he takes me to the class wich luckily he's in too. 

Let's just say this was the start of an amazing friendship.

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