Forever and Always

Belle is just an ordinary 17 year-old girl from New York, until she meets Harry styles from One Direction! Belle absolutely hates celebrities and tries to avoid Harry. But will she start to love Harry when he does something unbelievable for her? And will any of the boys start to develop feelings for her also?


6. What Did She say???

Belle's P.O.V

I quickly tilt my head down and ran back inside. I really hoped he didn't see me or else I'll probably have to serve him.,and I really didn't wanted to. I ran to the kitchen and hid there until Harry and Zayn left but suddenly a voice shouted,"Belle!I know your in there! You can come out now!" Damn! He saw me! I waited for a minute or so but Harry kept yelling my name so I put on a "fake" smile and went out because i didn't want to get in trouble by my boss."Uh,hey Harry!Hey Zayn!" " Hey!" they replied. " I called your name a million times how come you didn't come out?" asked Harry. " I...needed to use the bathroom." I lied.

Harry's P.O.V

"Hey Harry are you alright?" Zayn asked. "YES!" and I ran quickly into the cafe'. I was so excited to see Belle again. I was thinking about taking her out on a date so we can get to know each other better. When I was inside I saw a glimpse of Belle's shoe in the kitchen door. Was she hiding from me? I knew she saw me,why did she avoided me? I ignored that thought and I heard Zayn yelling "Harry? Why did you ran-" I cutted  him off and yelled, " Belle! I know your in there! you can come out now!" after about a minute she didn't came out so I just yelled her name multiple times. After that she finally came out. "Uh,hey Harry!Hey Zayn!" "Hey!" we both said. "I called your name a million times how come you didn't come out?" "I...needed to use the bathroom." I knew that was a lie because the bathroom was at the end of the cafe' not in the kitchen.There was a really long pause until Zayn blurted out "Soo, can I have a platter of pancakes?" "Yes! anything else?" "AND A CUP OF ORANGE JUICE PLEASE" she wrote that down and turned towards me "Want anything?" " uh no i'm good" I said kind of awkwardly. "Alright I'll be right out" and she walked back to the kitchen. 5 minutes later she came out with a plate of pancakes and a cup of orange juice. "Thank youuuuu Belle" he sanged. She nodded and went to the cash register to write something down. I knew that this was my only chance to ask her out so I got up from the table and walked towards Belle.When she saw me she just went back to writing. " look very ..pretty today" I said kind of awkwardly. I realized what I just said was totally lame,I could've done way better. " Thanks..." I couldn't tell if she was either happy or sad,this was not going the way I planned so I just went straight to the point. " Uh,Belle...I was wondering if you would like to go to the movies with me?" "Uh no thanks sorry" " WHAT?" I just blurted out. I didn't mean to but I was shocked by what she just said. No girl has ever rejected me before... "Sorry! But I'm not interested..." She said kind of quiet.

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