Forever and Always

Belle is just an ordinary 17 year-old girl from New York, until she meets Harry styles from One Direction! Belle absolutely hates celebrities and tries to avoid Harry. But will she start to love Harry when he does something unbelievable for her? And will any of the boys start to develop feelings for her also?


3. The Car Ride

Belle's P.O.V

I was in shocked when i saw it was that boy from that band everyone was talking about. I didn't really knew what to do since i didn't want to tell him to leave and get attacked by a bunch of girls so i drove. I guess he knew i was scared because he said , "I'm so sorry if i scared you! i just needed to get away from those screaming girls!" "'s ok!" i said kinda of nervously. I didn't know where to take him. " umm..where-where do you want me to take you??" "The Rockefeller Hotel please" he said quickly. I turned right at the light and i stopped in front of the huge hotel. 

Harry's P.O.V

During the ride i tryed to avoid making eye contact with her becauses i didn't want to make things awkward during to ride to the hotel.We stopped in front of the hotel and she looked at me. I looked at her and i immediately felt a spark inside of me.She look so beautiful.I guess she noticed i was staring at her for a long time because she said, " umm...soo...we're at your hotel." she said kinda awkwardly. "Oh, i'm sorry for all of this happening.I'm Harry by the way." She giggled and said " Yea i kinda know that since your from..." " One Direction?"  "Yea! that band!". Than she started coughing. "are you alright?" "yea.." she said and started coughing again." I don't think your ok, i'll make some tea for you if you want to come up to my room with me?" " uhh..ok". And i started to put my diguise back on.

Belle's P.O.V

I started feeling uncomfortable when he was in the car with me. I don't like One Direction. Their just stuck up boys who are famous for there looks . Suddenly my headache started coming back and i started coughing uncontrollably. "Are you alright?" he asked? "yea.." i got cutted off by my coughing." I don't think your ok, i'll make some tea for you if you want to come up to my room with me?" I really didn't want to go because i DIDN'T  LIKE HIM. But since i was feeling really bad i just relently said ok and went in with him.

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