Forever and Always

Belle is just an ordinary 17 year-old girl from New York, until she meets Harry styles from One Direction! Belle absolutely hates celebrities and tries to avoid Harry. But will she start to love Harry when he does something unbelievable for her? And will any of the boys start to develop feelings for her also?


5. My Luck

Belle's P.O.V (THE NEXT DAY)

I woke up the next day to the sound of my alarm clock.I groaned because i absolutely didn't want to go to work today.I stayed in bed for 3 minutes and got out of bed to shower.I decided to wear a pair of  black skinny jeans with a red and gray plaid shirt and gray converses and headed straight to work. When I got there, my boss assigned me as a waitress and so i got my smock and pen and book and went straight to my first customers sitting outside. "Hello i'm Belle, I will be serving you today! Can I start you guys out with some beverages?" "Uh yes, I would like a cup of black coffee please" "I'll have the same please" " Alright than ! I'll be back in a minute with your coffee's!" and I went straight back in. I grabbed the cup of black coffee from the counter and poured it into 2 small cups and went walking to the door. I almost spilled the coffee's onto the customers when I saw who came walking towards me.

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up and went to fetch some breakfast. I realized we didn't had anything scheduled for today so I decided to go shopping while I was in NY. I took a quick shower and threw on a pair of sweatpants and a "Jack Willis" hoodie. I told the boys I was going shopping when Zayn asked to come. I agreed and we went to the car. "So Zayn where to?" "HARRYYY IM STARVING CAN WE GET SOMETHING TO EAT?" "Zayn! why didn't you eat while we were at the hotel??" "Sorry lad! I took a shower when I 1st woke up and when I came out I was about to eat but you came in saying you were leaving and I wanted to come with you!". I sighed and said " Alright". I saw alittle smirk on Zayn's face and looked away. About a minute later I saw this cafe' and parked the car.We both walked out of the car and headed to the door. I stopped walking when I saw Belle at the door staring at me, holding 2 cups and wearing a smock.

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