Forever and Always

Belle is just an ordinary 17 year-old girl from New York, until she meets Harry styles from One Direction! Belle absolutely hates celebrities and tries to avoid Harry. But will she start to love Harry when he does something unbelievable for her? And will any of the boys start to develop feelings for her also?


4. I Want To Leave

Belle's P.O.V

When i went into his room i was shocked. It was so huge! Harry started smiling at me"You can sit on the couch or bed if you want"I walked to the bed and sat down while he went in the kitchen to boil some water. "Umm..soo..I didn't get your name" "Oh,it's Isabelle, but you can call me Belle."" That's a beautiful name"He smiled when he said that." Thanks!". The room came to a silence and it became really awkward until 4 boys came barging in. "HARRY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? WE THOUGHT YOU GOT KIDNAPPED!" "Louis, i was here! i came back to the hotel because these girls started chasing me." " Oh." than he noticed i was sitting on the bed. "Mmmhhmmm Harry you need to stop bringing girls home!""LOUIS! she just drove me back to the hotel and I invited her here!" " mmhhmm ok" Harry sighed and said " This is Belle" "Belle, this is louis,Zayn,Liam, and Niall" "hi.." "HIIII " they screamed at me. I started feeling awkward so i just told Harry i was leaving." Wait what? you just got here" "I'm sorry! but.... i just remember that i have to get home before my parents find out!" I lied. My parents never cared where is was or who i was with."ok" he said sadly. So i left and drove back home.

Harry's P.O.V

I jumped alittle when Louis came through the door. I explained everything to him, but i got really embarresed when he said, "Mmmhhmmm Harry you need to stop bringing girls home!" " louis! she just drove me back to the hotel and i invited her here!" i replied. I introduced her to the boys and after a minute or so she came up and told me she was leaving. I didn't want her to leave. I wanted to know about her. I liked her alittle. But when she said why she had to leave i didn't argue i just said " ok" and then she left.


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