Forever and Always

Belle is just an ordinary 17 year-old girl from New York, until she meets Harry styles from One Direction! Belle absolutely hates celebrities and tries to avoid Harry. But will she start to love Harry when he does something unbelievable for her? And will any of the boys start to develop feelings for her also?


1. Intro

Belles's P.O.V

  My body ached from working at the cafe' all day yesterday! I knew that this was going to happen but I didn't really had a choice. I had to pay back my mom for buying me the car she bought me a couple weeks ago. I mean, i desperately needed a car to drive to school and work since my parents use theirs to drive to work,so, i asked my mom a MILLION times to buy me one and i promised her to pay her back by the end of the month.Which was today.All that work was worth it though, now i don't have to work everyday of the week to save up money i owed my mom. My phone vibrated from the back of my pants pocket. It was my best friend, Tyler."Hey Belle! Me and my bro are going to the fair across from Wall street! Wanna come? -Ty". I really didn't wanted to go because i had a major headache and my body still hurted, but, what the heck? This was the last day the fair was going to be in town, and plus, i needed to do something fun so i texted him "sure! i'll be there in 10 mins.!-Belle" and i grabbed my purse and keys and headed out the door.

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