Untitled short story-thing



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I suspect it's an unwanted side effect. My head's been throbbing in immaculate discomfort all night.

My forehead is the epicenter of pain and suffering. A couple weeks ago, I volunteered to be the human lab rat. A living crash test dummy for up-and-coming medications. I've been unemployed for months. College didn't do shit for my financial stability. In this economy, even folks with doctorates can't get work. They have to settle for being lab assistants, or worse, the janitor for said lab. Me, I've been scraping the bottom of the barrel to survive. I was about a baboon's ass-width away from getting kicked out of my apartment. So when I saw an ad in the newspaper about a no experience necessary, high paying job, I was all over it. Like bees on a pervert's genitals after he's covered them with honey.

And now...I'm thinking it would've been better getting kicked out.

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