A Grim Glory - ON HOLD

Grim. The creature that lurks in the dark. The creature that does not hesitate to kill. So they say.


19. Vor

Merana scanned the forest fearfully. Where was he? She looked around, her heart beating fast, her breathing was becoming uncontrolled. Something was playing with her. “Show yourself!” She yelled, trying to stop her voice from cracking. She was scared. She was so, so scared. Something was running around. Something was eyeing her up. As she could have guessed, nothing answered. Only the ghastly sound of the wind, whistling through the trees, and the trees themselves creaking menacingly. The tall, almost bare trees stretching above her. There was nothing to climb, only a dense forest of trunks, and the thick canopy above her. A carpet of brown pine needles lay over the ground, suffocating any noise of footsteps. All Merana could hear was the crackling of twigs beneath feet and wind rushing through fur. She twisted and turned, following the noises as best she could.

“Please!” She begged, feeling tears run to her eyes as she turned yet again. It was playing with her, whatever it was. Then it stopped.

All of a sudden, Merana felt calmer. She frowned, scanning around her. A figure. It looked human enough. A figure was leaning against a tree. In the shadows. Its arms were crossed. It looked female, to Merana. Then it moved. She was staring at her, or at least, Merana could feel the eyes on her. Then it spoke. A silky voice that soothed you. “Do you know Grim?”

Merana was silent, staring at the figure fearfully. She couldn't trust her. That... thing could be bad news. That thing could be very bad.

The figure laughed softly. “I'll take that as a yes. He always did like to tell people to not trust anyone.”

“What do you want?” Merana growled, standing rigid, her feet spaced apart.

“You being snappy now? Acting all strong?” In one swift movement, the figure was pressing a knife against her throat before she could do anything. “A word of advice. Don't mess with me.”

Merana gulped, feeling the cool, ragged blade nipping at her skin. Her breath was constricted, and she barely dared to breath unless she made it dig in further.

“Vor. Lower your knife.” A cold voice called.

'Vor' grinned, and the pressure against Merana's throat was released. “Grim. You found what you were looking for, I see.”

This time a smile was reflected in his voice. “Indeed I have. But what are you doing playing with her?” Grim stepped into the light, not meeting Merana's eyes, but instead looking over her shoulder.

She found anger rising inside her. “Right. So you are not even going to tell me who she is, or why she was pressing knives to my throat.” Merana turned angrily, glaring Vor, and taking note of her long, curved knives, before walking away.

“Merana.” Grim growled. Merana ignored him, walking straight forward, beginning to disappear into the trees. “Merana.” Grim repeated, his voice cold. When she was sure neither would be able to see her, she glanced back. Vor was no longer grinning, instead her eyes were full of curiosity. And yet, she was staring right at Merana. Their eyes met. Vor shook her head slightly, as if saying not to go. Merana stared defiantly back, before moving so that she could not see the woman.


Grim watched the girl disappear into the trees. He looked at Vor with annoyance. “So what are you doing back here, Vor?” He asked, his voice cold.

Vor gave a shy smile. “And why would you be wandering around with a young girl, Grim?”

Grim tilted his head, his expression remained unreadable. “You tell me what you think.”

Vor's smile vanished, replaced with a challenging glare, which let through a flicker of surprise. “You did not find the one you are bonded with... did you?”

Grim's eyes narrowed. “And now you've scared her off.”

Vor huffed. “You want me to help look for her?”

“That would be appreciated.”

Vor tutted as her eyes turned yellow.

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